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HM Visits: Ceru - Queensway

Following our visit to eastern Mediterranean restaurant Ceru in South Kensington London, the founders behind the establishement invited us along to their brand new location - Queensway London.

The new venue features the same menu in a new fresh location. Upon arrival we were greeted by one the founders - Patrictia. We were warmly welcomed to incredibly decorated new spot in London. Keeping with the same vibe as Ceru - South Kensinton but this venue boasts a a geniune mediterranean setting. If you face away from the London streets you see through the windows you genuinly feel you could be somewhere in the med.

As stated above the menu is the same as the South Kensington establishment but we certainly felt they have stepped up their 'game' here in Queensway, everything was incredibly fresh and full of flavour, nothing that was over-powering on the tastebuds but still featuring so many incredible flavours.

If you are looking to a 'must-visit' place in london for 2022 Ceru Queenway is should be at the top of the list. Last time my review featured the word 'sensational' something that I pointed out i don't say often but I would use that word again without hesitation.


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