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Chic & Comfortable, Clea Stuart

Spanish fashion designer Clea Stuart, launched her women's fashion brand of the same namesake to bring something new to the fashion scene.

The European based brand offers contemporary styles in their collections, with inspiration coming from travelling and art, a very cultural feel to the pieces. One thing designer Clea, who has spent over 19 years in the fashion industry, would say about the brand is that it is chic, but comfortable. After working so long in the industry, Clea says it has become more complex and the importance of developing the perfect point for each garment is of high importance. I guess this comes down to the rise of fast fashion from the east, Its pushed the two ends of the fashion spectrum further apart, but what that does mean is that quality at the top like with Clea Stuart is better than it has ever been.

After travelling Clea returned back to her homeland of Spain to launch her brand. It was always her plan to return back top Spain to start manufacturing, also a romantic reason too. Another reason why she felt she should return home to launch her brand is because of the quality of the weaving Spain produces, not many come close in the world.

When it comes to independent brands like Clea Stuart, its quality that is what sells your pieces, your aim to sell sell high quality fashionable pieces. That is the reputation you want to get for you and your brand. You need to be staying up to date with style and trends, but be able to put your own unique twist on them and this is exactly what this brand does. Offering very stylish sophisticated womens wear for any occasion.

The latest collection boasts some incredibly fashionable contemporary pieces (see below)

Why not get yourself over to now and shop that latest and previous collections.

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