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Chic Pig

Growing up we all; have dreams but in honesty how many of us actually fulfill them? We get older we go to college and then we get a job completely forgetting about those big dreams you had as a kid. The best things about those dreams, they were fun! They were big and it gave you hope in the world. Well one person who never gave up hope is Chiara Bello who always loved animals and she turned her love into a business... Chic Pig

Growing up Chiara Bello found herself drawn to animals whether it be seeing them in real life or illustrations of them, she was fascinated. She was also a very happy sole, telling us that she ,'always wanted to make people happy through her stories and her jokes'. So when she decided to launch her business it was clear to see this would never be a job for her. This is something she would be truly passionate about.

Chiara's brand Chic pig is a 'Fun colourful collection of handmade in Italy animal jewellery'. But theres one things i would say, don't get fooled by the 'Fun' part these are still high quality beautiful pieces. The brand told us that, 'Each single piece is handmade by Italian jewellery craftsmen, using the old and fascinating enamel technique'. Keeping a personal touch to every piece the brand gives each animal its own name and personality, bringing some fun and something very different to the experience. Bello's and her brand believe that you should, 'Choose the Chic Pig that fits your personality or simply pick the one that makes you smile'.


The Jewelry side of things started when Chiara found one of her mothers rings that was made around the 1950's made with the enamel technique. From this she then decided to join together something she had loved since she was a little girl in animal illustrations and her humorous side and put them in stunning pieces of jewelry. A journey that began with Chiara designing the pig pieces in London that saw her travel to Valenze, Italy. This is where she fell in love with the traditional Jewelry making dating back 6 decades from a group of artisan, there were the people that were able to make Chiara's drawing into a reality.

Like i said before dont let the word dun fool you, these pieces are animal focused but each piece in it's own right is absolutely stunning. You can shop the full range over at


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