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CAP Gin is the new premium spirit from the Côte d’Azur set to shake up the British Gin scene this summer.

The premium spirit works in perfect harmony in the most classic and timeless cocktails. It elevates the Martini and Martinez, the botanicals add character to the Negroni and French 75, and the spirit brings intrigue to the Gimlet and is the perfect choice for the classic Gin and Tonic.

The French gin is produced following the traditional London Dry method but takes its tasting notes from the South of France.

Distilled using just nine botanicals including local Mimosa flowers, Rose and Fleur d'Oranger   sourced from the lush and bountiful countryside of Provence, CAP Gin was conceived and is distilled on the shores of the Mediterranean, making this an authentic expression of the South of France. It is L’ESPRIT DE LA COTE.

CAP Gin is the result of a shared passion. It started with a conversation between three friends living in the South of France with a vision to introduce a gin that would tell the story of this iconic and extraordinary location.

The recipe for this premium gin has been refined and perfected in collaboration with Dr David Clutton – or “Dr Gin” as he is known for his extensive knowledge of pot stills and spirit distillation helping produce some of the world’s most prestigious and successful gins.

Describing its flavour profile, Dr Clutton says: “CAP Gin is built on a solid foundation of premium quality juniper berries, it encapsulates the true essence of the French Riviera's hills and coastal fringes.

“With citrus elements derived from Lemon and Sweet Orange peels, the sensational combination of aromatic Fleur d'Oranger buds and Mimosa flowers delivers a complex and elegant, yet perfectly balanced gin, of superior quality.”  “Soft floral notes combine with the piney freshness of juniper to create a stunning and contemporary gin. The taste delivers a smooth and refined yet tasteful flavour with a lingering palate, essential for a great Gin & Tonic.”

CAP Gin Founders comment: “Our vision for CAP Gin is to create a product that is a true reflection of the history, heritage and architecture of this famous corner of the Mediterranean. We want to bring to market a brand that both French and international consumers can be proud of, representing the Côte d’Azur and placing it firmly on the World ‘Gin Map’.”

CAP Gin is available to purchase from Amazon in both France and the UK, or directly from the company at for £35


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