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Chocolate & Rye Whisky Pairing

Sagamore Spirit & Tosier Chocolate Collaborate with British Bourbon Society to Identify The Best Chocolate Bar Pairings for their Double Oak Rye A panel of 10 British Bourbon Society members provided detailed tasting notes and a rating for all seven of Tosier Chocolates current range of artisan chocolate bars following a tasting with Sagamore Spirit Double Oak Rye. There were two clear favourites, the winning bar which received the highest rating was the Single Estate, Finca Garyth, Ecuador, 70% Dark Chocolate bar which received 76 points out of a possible 100.

Sagamore Spirit Double Oak Rye has recently been awarded a Master medal for their Double Oak Rye at The Drinks Business & The Spirits Business Spring Blind Tasting 2021. This was a triumphant result for the Maryland distillery who not only entered a UK tasting competition for the very first time but was the only distillery in the category to be awarded a Masters medal. The Blind Tasting saw 106 entries from 50 different companies from across the world of wine and spirits come together for a collaborative blind tasting with judging divided into 19 separate competitions to ensure each spirits category is given the utmost attention by specialised judges including journalists, retail buyers, bartenders and educators.

The Rye brings out the strength of the dark chocolate, excellent smooth taste. Strong and bitter, although taste is extremely buttery when biting into the Chocolate. The sip of rye with the spice really has a great balance. Caramel notes and dark indulgent cocoa brings out the spice in the rye enhances the pairing. This definitely bought out the spiciness of the Rye with a punch. I got notes of raisin or sultana. The experience was rich and dark, and with spices and fruit notes, makes me think of the Christmas Cakes that my aunt used to make. Full bodied and slightly tart, nutty sweetness. Now that tastes like chocolate, you can melt this on your tongue. Warm. Spicy. Christmas-like. Smooths out the bourbon's heat / alcohol. Longer finish. Milky coffee, lightly toasted nuts, savoury notes.

Paired with whisky berry notes appear. Slight earthy taste to chocolate at first but then full on milk chocolate flavour, dances great on and palate does not blend with the Rye but lets them both shine on their own somehow. Perfect pairing, complements the Rye.

For just £69.00 The whisky and chocolate are currently available as a package via Native Spirits making an excellent gift for Chocolate and Whisky Lovers.

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