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Choose to Climb: A Series Empowers Readers to Live from Radical New Perspective

Written from the heart, life and wisdom of renowned complimentary therapist, Geraldine Mair, the ‘Choose to Climb’ series offers readers hundreds of quotes, affirmations and strategies that will not only remind them they’re the powerful driving force in their own life, but inspire them to soar far and beyond the issues that hold them back. It’s a series with true universal appeal. One critic wrote, “A real handbook for day to day living - easy to read -inspirational passages that will strike a chord with everyone and achieve a better version of you.”

Geraldine Mair may have changed the lives of thousands through her writing, backed by being a certified complementary therapist – but it all started after being disenchanted after a long career in food retail.

Mair found she was unable to grow; unable to reach her personal “summit” and then find a higher mountain to climb. And she wasn’t alone; Mair became rapidly aware that millions of others were feeling stifled by forces they seemingly had no control over.

After Mair turned her life around, she discovered that everyone is their own personal driver. It inspired her to not only embark on a new career as a renowned and prolifically-published therapist, but pen the globally-acclaimed ‘Choose to Climb’ series.

Synopses of volumes currently on the market:

‘Choose to Climb - Reaching Your Personal Summit’ - The words within the pages of this book have been written and designed with you in mind. If you have been searching for a way to see life from a whole other perspective, you’ve just found it.

This book can equip you with many strategies for a myriad of life’s challenges that you may come across on your journey. Please reference it often, seek out the passages and associated quotes, affirmations and strategies that inspire you to act. You cannot fix anything in life with the same approach that created it, so try a different way instead… choose to climb.

‘Choose To Climb Beyond Your Summit: 100 Passage To Take You Beyond Your Limitations’ - The second Reference Manual in the series with an additional 100 inspirational passages, quotes, affirmations and strategies to encourage continued growth. Choose to Climb - Beyond Your Summit delves deeper into your mind where all your challenges and issues exist. It is the go-to problem solver that you can dip in and out of whenever you need that additional support. It is uniquely written in easy bite size chunks that allow you to digest the messages easily and apply them to your life for maximum benefit. Your clarity will be realised when you fully understand the need for change and then set about moving in the direction towards that. It becomes your roadmap of solutions, sharpening your focus and giving you the ability to affect others through those learnings, helping you to navigate many of the storms throughout the course of your life. Take advantage of this gift from me to you and all it has to offer, for when you know better you automatically become equipped to do better. So, refuse to stay where you are and step into all you were born to be. You always have a choice and it's always yours, so stand side by side with us and Join the Climb.

“These books form part of a larger company and brand with one goal – to ensure nobody is held back from achieving their dreams, and nobody walks this earth believing they are not good enough,” explains the author. “You can choose to climb in any area of your life and, while there will be challenges along the way, there’s always a path you can forge, and the summit is always in sight. We plan to expand this brand with more books, online resources, articles, courses and speaking engagements. It’s a brand for everyone.”

Continuing, “Volume three in the series, ‘Choose to Climb Forever’, is currently at the latter stages of editing and will be published shortly. All of the books are designed to be dipped in and out of when the mood strikes, when Challenges are faced or when you need to be picked up. You will actually come up with the answers yourself, but these books will help you build the roadmap. You WILL find the summit, no matter how high the mountain.”

Reviews for volume one were glowing. Kirsty Davey comments, “I have bought your book and I just love it! You have been one of the reasons I chose to change my mind set and I can honestly say it’s the best move I've made! It’s completely changed my life.”

Dorothy Gibson acknowledged, “Wonderful book .... I highly recommend, once you start reading, you can't put it down.

Alison Dempster adds, “Fantastic book, well worth the money. Written in easy to digest language that keeps you captivated, motivated and keen to implement.”

All currently-published volumes in the series are available now: .


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