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Chop It Like It’s Hot: New Salad Bar Serving £1 Bowls For A Week To Celebrate London Opening

Fast, fresh salad brand choppaluna is also giving lucky Londoners free food for a year to celebrate latest Holborn site.

  • A different Choppaluna signature bowl will be just £1 each day at new Holborn site from Monday 13th to Friday 17th February

  • Guests will have chance to win further discounts via the “spin the wheel”

  • The healthy dining eatery offers delicious, guilt-free indulgence and is celebrating its new opening at 314 High Holborn, following success in Germany and in Bloomsbury, London

BUILD your own salad bar, Choppaluna, is offering Londoners lunch for just £1 for a whole week to celebrate its latest London opening and satisfy all healthy eating and money saving cravings alike.

Between Monday 13th and Friday 17th February, the all-new salad bar will be offering a different delicious and guilt-free signature bowl each day for just £1. It doesn’t end there, one lucky customer each day will also win free lunch for the entire year.

After success in Germany and their first London site in Bloomsbury (*ranked #6 out of more than 1,800 restaurants in London for quick bites), the fast, fresh, to-go salad bar has now opened at 314 High Holborn, London and is putting on this opening “£1 Bowl Week” offer to celebrate.

The signature bowl line-up, which usually ranges from £6.99 - £8.99 will be available for just £1 between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the High Holborn Choppaluna (limited to the first three hundred people)

  • Monday 13th: Spring Chicken (vegan swap available)

  • Tuesday 14th: Mango Chicken (vegan swap available)

  • Wednesday 15th: Nacho Avocado

  • Thursday 16th: Falafel Habibi

  • Friday 17th: Nut & Berry

To further celebrate the new opening, everyone who attends the opening week will also have the chance to play the “Spin to Win Wheel”. The wheel will offer special discounts, with one lucky customer each day also in with a chance to win the “free bowls for a year” prize.

Co-Founder at Choppaluna, Nikras Agha, said: “We are excited to be opening our new restaurant in London Holborn, bringing our delicious, guilt-free indulgence to another location. Choppaluna will truly revolutionise the clean eating space in the city, bringing people indulgent, healthy options that fit with a fast-paced on-the-go lifestyle.”

“We are looking forward to progressing with our expansion plans across the UK. It’s a huge achievement for our team, and it shows a real appetite for our delicious, healthy food. The opportunity is truly resonating with our franchise network within the Hero Brands group and we look forward to exploring further opportunities to expand in the future,” he added.

Healthy, to-go eating options are becoming more popular than ever in the city but Choppaluna is here to show that salads don’t have to be bland and boring. Its deliciously, guilt-free-indulgence menu offers a huge choice of meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan options and all your favourite superfoods, there is something for everyone.

The vibrant experience allows customers to watch the brand’s talented team chop everything finely in front of their eyes with over 60 fresh toppings, perfect for customised combinations. It’s not only salads that get chopped and served at Choppaluna, guests can also choose to go for a ‘Big Roll’ wrap or a mouth-watering ‘Luna Melt’ (a modern take on Quesadillas with a cheese base and fresh toppings, grilled to perfection).

*Ranking of #6 via Tripadvisor


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