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COPACABANA - London biggest party

London's biggest party has arrived at the London Cabaret club in the form of the brand new show The Bloomsbury Ballroom with ‘Copacabana'. The brand new show put together so elegantly and excitingly by the duo; Doni Fierro (Artistic Director and choreographer) and Evelina Girling (London Cabaret CEO).

The show brings everything that is Copacabana to London. The dancing, the colours the energy and of course... the party. Featuring 3 acts the show kicks off being based based around the infamous 'Copacabana' party theme. For a brief moment you feel like you are there in Rio Di Janiero in the centre of the worlds best carnival. Moving onto the world famous NYC Nightclub Copacabana where legends performed. Finishing with some real iconic Latin music including ‘Lola The Showgirl’ - Barry Manilow.

The London Cabaret Cub never fails to live up to expectations set and with yet another incredible show the venue just keeps cementing itself amongst the elite entertainment venues in the Capital.

It's not just a show its a real experience and one you wont want to miss.

The show runs from the 8th June through to the end of September and you can get your tickets to the show HERE


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