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Could Ayurveda Help Tackle The Diabetes Crisis?

Obesity is the most significant driver for new cases of Type 2 diabetes, accounting for up to 85% of risk. The condition can cause serious health complications and can even lead to blindness and amputations in severe cases. The impact on public spending isn’t good either with research revealing that an eighth of all NHS drug spending is now devoted to treatment of the condition, with a 220% rise in the bill for antidiabetic medications in the last decade, reaching £1bn a year!

It’s clear we’re in the midst of an epidemic with Diabetes UK declaring it an "urgent public health crisis". The traditional medical model doesn’t seem to be working so could there be an alternative way to tackle this escalating health concern? 

CGH Earth, the brand behind some of the world’s leading Ayurvedic hospitals in stunning India are on a mission to educate and inform on the power of a more natural approach. 

Ayurvedic principles believe there are multiple forms of Diabetes – known at Prameha – with some caused by imbalances in the Vata (the dosha of the body that governs all movement incl. blood flow, elimination of waste and breathing), others resulting from disturbed Pitta (the dosha governing all heat, metabolism and transformation in the mind and body) and finally many caused by an out of kilter Kapha (responsible for the stability, lubrication, substance and support of our physical body). Diagnosing the cause helps to determine the treatment programme for solution.  

These three Doshas - Vatha, Pitha and Kapha are of equal importance in the aetiology of obesity. The first step in addressing obesity is hence to balance the Doshas. Dosha imbalance stems from the accumulation of toxins in the body and can be reversed once such impurities are removed from the body’s systems.

Through a systematic programme that takes place over

14 to 28 days, obesity is tackled with treatments such as Udwarthanam – a massage designed to remove adipose fat and Vasthies – a medicated enema to improve metabolism. Such processes eliminate excess cellulite deposits and utilise fats effectively, helping to purify the body and prevent diseases for better wellness. Ultimately, the treatment process works by increasing metabolism, which will help in utilizing the fat and increasing the body’s

vitality so that less fat is accumulated in the body. It is essentially about purification of the body by eliminating excess cellulite deposits and preventing the body from disease.

Across all CGH Earth wellness centres, food is a focus with a salubrious food philosophy permeating the gastronomic experience delivered to guests. Using fresh, ingredients and produce from local village farmers engaging in good agricultural practices, meal preparation focuses on helping each individual attain a healthy weight as prescribed by the doctors based on the  reason behind their weight gain. The culinary team works in tandem with the healing ethos, remaining fiercely dedicated to nourishing the individual’s body and soul with needed goodness and vitality.   


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