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Crack the Code to a Stress-Free Night with Stress Flix

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services around, and they make it convenient to watch different genres of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. But did you know there are secret Netflix codes that help unlock even more content? With over 36,000 films and episodes it is clear that all of these couldn’t be highlighted on your Netflix screen.

Just head to the ‘secret menu’ on Netflix. This collection of content offers more than what is normally found on the home page and through searching. To explore these collections - ordering off the secret menu, all you need to do is fire up your web browser, type in “” and begin scrolling through all the hidden gems that await you. This secret menu can be used by both new viewers and seasoned veterans to discover content that they wouldn't otherwise have access to. Alternatively, just type the code into the search box on your TV or streaming device.

These codes let you filter through an expansive library so you can find something to watch quickly and easily. Discover what kind of content is hidden behind these special codes to help you maximize your Netflix experience. Here are some of the codes:

  • 90 Minute Movies - 81466194

  • Family Movie Night - 2013975

  • Pop Culture Icons - 81278963

  • Nostalgic ’90s - 2691941

  • Spy Action & Adventure – 10702

  • Romantic Comedies – 5475

  • British TV Shows – 52117

  • Musicals – 13335

  • Romantic Comedies – 5475

  • Cult Horror Movies – 10944

  • Tearjerkers – 6384

  • Independent Dramas – 384

  • Action Comedies – 43040

There is so much to choose from and when stressed out over what to watch on Netflix use the Stress Flix Dice by Thumbs Up!, The ingenious gadget takes the pressure off so you can enjoy an evening of stress-free streaming. This innovative product has six different sides for you to choose from, each with its own genre that showcase a range of movies, shows, and documentaries. So take a chance and let the dice land wherever it falls - it's time to relax and let the Stress Flix Dice pick the genre for you. If all else fails take out your anger on the Stress Flix, which can be crushed and squeezed until you calm your streaming woes.

The Stress Flix Dice Game costs £9.99 from


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