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Keeping that youthful look with Cryo>S 3.0 Facials

We are always looking for new ways to keep that youthful look as everyday life takes a toll on your skin, we've come across the latest way to keep you looking younger for longer, We checked out London Cryo's , Cryo>S 3.0 Facials.

I think these days people are starting to try and keep their skin looking younger from a younger age, from Botox, to steaming to extraordinary daily skin car regimes, but we have come across the latest way to keep your skin looking younger Cryo>S 3.0 Facials, we've teamed up with London Cryo on this feature to see what the benefits are long term, to see the effects and to see what happens during the treatment.

London Cryo Say, 'This is the treatment for you if you are in search of a fresh, more youthful appearance.' How it works; Cryo>S 3.0 Facials uses cool temperatures to rejuvenate the face and he increase in oxygen supply boosts collagen production, improving the elasticity of the skin which then makes the muscles retract with the cold for a tightening effect on the skin. The face appears fresher and younger.

Does it work? We tried one session and its fair to say...Yes! It does do what it says its going to do, It cold... Very cold at points but it does tighten your skin within minutes, I felt i could see and feel a difference within minutes of the session ending. Now we asked about the recommended consistency in having the session and its all down to what you want this to achieve, if your younger and have much less aged skin i.e. no wrinkles then twice a month is probably what we'd suggest but if you older and want to see a difference quickly maybe 4/5 times a month.

The costs for each session is £300 ( You can get an introductory offer for £160 for your first session with London Cryo) You can also save money by block booking your sessions. Is it worth the cost? Now this is always a difficult question to answer because everyone will have a different financial view. In all honesty this treatment is for people who are very comfortable financially with a disposable of £1K + a month Minimum, Its clear to see why the costs are involved with the machinery involved and the preciseness of the treatment, I would say its defiantly worth the cost if you can afford it.

How can you book your session in? Head over to now and book in your Cryo>S 3.0 Facials.

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