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A rising trend in fashion that is fair to say is domating a large part of the market is Urban and streetwear brands. There are many things that could've added and influence to this, from the the rise of social media and influencers to the music that has grown over the last decade with the artists wearing similar attire. But what does it take to build a successful brand in what is rapidly becoming a crowded market? Brand Darani are finding this out as they continue to storm the market.

Founded by Ollie Darani, the fashion brand Darani is the store which all started with a 'Dream' of Ollie's, a dream to start building his own clothing brand. This wasn't the first taste of the starting a business Ollie has had, previously boasting a spell where he had experience of starting and running a small brand from 2013-2016. Speaking to Ollie about how he further educated himself in the industry he told us, 'I then went off to learn about the industry in more depth buying for a global brand for 5 years'.

8 years after he launched his first brand Ollie had now had Darani for for just a quater of a year and is building the streetwear brand from the ground up. Getting the foundations of a loyal customer base to help grow his brand from. We asked Ollie about how he intends to grow Darani, 'I am ready to open the doors to a new chapter offering innovative trend led products with a street and urban influence. I want the brand to be known for authenticity, character and variety.' He told us.

But there is more to the brand that meets the eyes, stocking a wide variety of tee's and different accessories including; face masks, custom made skateboards and even a Darani branded cap. Ollie explains, 'Having travelled and been part of many cultures I would like to portray that in my collections through various fabric technologies, designs and fits across multiple product categories'. Bringing further depth to the brand, one consumers will connect with knowingly and subconsiously.

As Ollie continues to grow the brand all I can see here is substaintual growth one that Ollie can built a platform from, not just for Darani the clothing brand, but a brand that will forefill his aspirations to 'challenge creatives especially within the local area to collaborate to build an identity to contribute, educate and give back along with grow as a collective to give inspiration to future generations'.

Certainly a brand to keen an eye on.

You can shop the full range from Darini over at .

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