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  • Curtis Hinton

De'Jon Pier'e

Back at the start of 2020, the month of hope for the unprecedented year none of us knew was on the horizon we sat down with fashion brand founder De'Jon Pier'e to find out all about his London based brand which was set to celebrate it's 5 year brithday. Fast foward 23 months later we sat down with the fashion founder again to find out if his plans have been achived, how COVID-19 affected the brand and what is in store for the future of the brand.

Since your last cover with us over 18 Months ago what's happened for you and your brand 'De Jon Piere'?

The brand has been focusing on sponsoring sports team due interests from football clubs semi footballers and other sportsmen.

During our last conversation you mentioned an introduction in womens and kids clothing. Is this something you've managed to achieve? Womens clothing and kids clothing is still on the cards, most likely to be part of the winter collection towards the end of the year.

You also mentioned your goal to be stocked in stores, is this something you've achieved?

These goals are achievable with the right product, speaking to a few resellers at the moment so hopefully this will surface in the coming months or future.

Talking about the most recent collections, what for you was the most exciting garment you've released?

It will have to be the Black 7 Boxer shorts, they are simple and seem to really fit well and men like them.

How did you go about designing the latest collection?

The latest collection I built around the theme on what was going on in the world at the time around black lives matter and the representation of any ethnic minority.

You previously told us you were hoping for brand collaborations. Have there been any or are they any on the cards?

At this moment in time I am focusing on exploring sponsorships thorugh sport and may look into collobarting later.

2021 Celebrate 6 years since the launch of your brand. Are you where you thought you were going to be at this stage?

Yes I am actually as I have done everything myself, all I am looking to do now is more exposure and more ideas, work with more exciting people, create and build my team which I plan to do in early 2022 as this year was not the right time to do this.

How does 2021-2022 look for your brand?

Looking great I am currently getting ready to release a very exclusive limited sport garment which I think will do well and wokring with football teams for the youths.

What is your ultimate goal for your brand?

To be a known sports brand as I think the styles I have brought out has worked so far.

In your eyes how does the future of fashion look?

I think the future of fashion is open, meaning wear what you wear and however you wear no matter the sex.

How would you say the Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the fashion industry?

I think its made the world realise to be more concerned with how we feel rather than what we are suppose to be or look like. I noticed more brands are being making their collections more unisex which I am doing which is also brilliant.

What would you say you've found to be the most enjoyable part of owning your own fashion brand?

Knowing that my clothing is worn by various different people, makes me proud as it was my idea. So this always makes me feel good.

De'jon is there anything you can tell us about any upcoming collections? Towards the end of the year I will be also adding childrens sport attire as I think the market for children clothing is emmence is you get the clothing right.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you, Curtis.

You can shop the latest collections from De'Jon Pier'e over at

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