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Designer Shoes For Those Beach Days This Summer

With lockdown lifting in the UK and parts of the world, many of us will be busy

planning our much-needed summer vacations! We are all in need of a break filled with sun, sea and sand after the last 12 months of isolation! With this in mind, we will be updating our summertime wardrobe in anticipation of the trip to the beach.

One of the most frequent questions that pop up is what are the best shoes to wear down on the sand, mixing suitability, comfort and, of course, footwear that is fashionable! With this in mind, I have chosen my top three style choices below -


First up, we have the classic sandal, the go-to footwear item during the summer

season, although for many years they attracted an unwarranted bad reputation

(partly thanks to the abundance of cheap plastic pairs doing the rounds). Your outfit choices will be blown wide open if you acquire one of the better quality pairs, fashioned out of leather or fabric. High-quality sandals will easily pair with numerous outfits, such as a simple vest / T-shirt and shorts or even a crisp shirt and linen trousers for a smart look. Just remember to leave the socks at home!

Birkenstock Arizona Textured Suede Sandals

The name Birkenstock is synonymous with sandals; the quality and style the brand brings to the table are both classic and fashionable, typically available in the muted tones which suit those summer

evenings. Buy Now

Saint Laurent Leather Sandals

The French powerhouse has created a beautifully minimalist sandal featuring interlocking straps using the supplest of leathers - their design is exemplary and will be on-point for years to come. Buy Now

Gucci Monogrammed Canvas Sandals

Next up, we have one for the fashionistas unafraid to showcase their taste in bold and bright choices! Monogrammed Gucci logo features across a multicoloured red, purple, and blue canvas to ensure your feet stand out! Buy Now


The espadrille has been a popular choice for the summer for a number of years, typically constructed out of a canvas fabric body and a rope or jute sole. The style originated in Spain, with many brands still opting to use the country as the point of manufacture. The espadrille is one of my favourite shoe types, complementing the majority of summer outfits and boasting an almost endless variety of colourways and prints.

Loewe + Paula’s Ibiza Logo Espadrilles

First up, we have a traditional espadrille, fabricated from classic blue canvas with the jute sole, finished off with logo branding along both of the toe-cap section of the shoes. These are particularly suited to that daytime summer adventure. Buy Now

Lora Piana Seaside Walk Striped Linen Espadrilles

High-end brand Lora Piana offers up a beautifully simplistic white espadrille, perfect for those strolls along an empty beach, either alone or with that someone special. Buy Now

Mulo Denim Espadrilles

If you are looking for a wallet-friendly pair of espadrilles, check out this pair from Mulo - created using navy denim for that cool casual appearance, additionally making them far more hardy against the summertime elements! Buy Now


Next up, we have the summer lace-up plimsol. This simplified version of the humble sneaker, albeit typically more suited to beachwear - fashioned out of canvas, or sometimes a leather or soft nubuck, making them ideal summer shoes. As per the espadrille, plimsols boast an extensive range of choice in terms of colours available!

Vans UA OG Authentic LX Canvas Sneakers

Vans are one of the most iconic brands on the market when it comes to plimsols - ageless style, quality construction, and reasonable price point. Van's plimsols also come in a variety of different colours, ensuring suitability for all of your various outfit choices. Buy Now

Fear Of God 101 Canvas Backless Sneakers

If the previous choice was a budget plimsol, this pair from House Of God is

undoubtedly on the opposite side of the scale. Despite the high price point, they are undoubtedly gorgeous - sleek and pointy without unnecessary logos or branding. The backless design is definitely a plus point; no worries about sore heels when frolicking on the sand sans socks! Buy Now

Gucci Distressed Canvas And Webbing Sneakers

Finally, Gucci concludes the list with a pair of their stylish plimsols - bathed in the Italian brands classic colours yellow, green, white and red. The shoes are pre- distressed, allowing you to wear them without fear of getting them ‘dirty’ for the first time so that you can wear them comfortably from the get-go. Buy Now