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Diamond experience: Läken & Blake adds sparkle to diamond ring buying using Augmented Reality tech

A better way to buy diamond rings in the comfort of your home. Läken & Blake offers a safe, seamless and sustainable shopping experience for consumers.

Online fine jewellery store for diamond rings Läken & Blake has today launched a new Augmented Reality (AR) experience for shoppers. It will provide a unique, contemporary at-home diamond ring buying experience that is safe, seamless, and sustainable.

The post pandemic anxiety is real. In acknowledging this, Läken & Blake is helping people move at their own pace by enabling a safer at home shopping experience and increasing their confidence in selecting the right rings for them. Läken & Blake focus group research finds that seven in ten (71%) of consumers say they would shop more often if they used AR and 70% of 16-44 year-olds are aware of AR.

Using just a smartphone or tablet, people will be able to experience how diamond rings look and fit on their hands. Once they choose a diamond and ring design, they will then be able to see and test how it looks on them, and be able to change between different options (i.e. precious and noble metals) for comparison.

John Wainio, founder of Läken & Blake commented: “This AR technology will transform the diamond ring buying experience for many people. The diamond buying experience needs to evolve to reflect what customers want and expect; at Läken and Blake we are committed to offering customers a seamless, safe and sustainable diamond buying experience and the AR experience is only the first step in this journey.”

Läken & Blake also provides customers with an opportunity to follow their diamond’s journey through the use of blockchain. When the diamond is mined, a digital asset is created, registering the diamond’s mine, country of origin and authenticity. The diamond and digital asset are then transferred to our participating partners in the value chain, where the digital asset is updated along every step of the diamonds journey, from cutting to polishing to grading and trading. Before being delivered to the owner, a Non -Fungible Token (NFT), is created that uniquely links the Läken & Blake customer to their unique diamond and that diamond’s unique journey to them.

Läken & Blake has committed to planting a tree for every purchase made, with the customers consent who will also be invited to join their Tree Gifting subscription service, provided through (free of charge to the customer). The company will plant a tree as a special present for milestone life events, making a positive impact on carbon emission reductions.

“We aim to be the online diamond retailer of choice for millennials and give our customers the kind of carbon they want (diamonds) rather than contribute to the type they don’t (emissions), therefore, we also aim to be the first US certified carbon neutral company in the Diamond industry by 2025” added John Wainio.


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