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Ditch the coffee, Grab a Virtue

With summer 2018 now in full swing and the hot sunshine giving you a beautiful glow, you need to remember to stay hydrated and this summer the best way to do this is with Virtue Sparkling Energy Water.

Launched in summer 2016 by owner Rahi Daneshamnd, Virtue is all about being pure,honest and ethical. With a mission to provide everyone with a positive source of energy.

originally starting with healthy iced tea, owner Rahi realized as he was building his company he was always tired. He found himself drink 5 plus coffees a day. One day he realized his intake and decided to change it, he found a gap in the market for a genuinely health energy drink that contains no sugars and no sweeteners. Priding itself on being the UK's only naturally sugar-free energy drink Virtue Sparkling Energy Water was created.

Each 250ml can contains;

Zero Sugar

Zero Calories

No Sweeteners

Natural Energy

Nothing Artificial

They are also vegan friendly. The cans also contain Vitamins B3, B6,B7 and B12. One of the best things about this brand and any brand in fact is that for each can sold they donate 500L of clean drinking water to those in need with Drop4Drop.

Freshly made in the UK I think Virtue will be many peoples choice this summer, with 2 flavors to choose from (Lemon & Lime / Berries) there's is definitely a flavor to suite everyone.

Check them out here


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