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Don Alfo

For many getting high quality, luxury products is a dream. The prices tend to be in the thousands even for clothing and most of us have to settle for average quality which is still at silly (high) prices. What if there was a high quality, luxury brand which didn't clear out your bank account? One which offers men and women the chance to have handmade Italian garments, well there is Don Alfo.

Fashion brand Don Alfo offers high quality luxury items for both men and women. Stocking collections including Hoodies, Bags, Shoes & Suits something for everyone is certainly on offer. Speaking to the brand about their 'High quality' status they told us, 'The enjoyment and appreciation of the finer things in life are the hidden pleasures that make all the difference.' And that's certainly the case for most getting that luxury product might be once a year or once every few years but when we do, the pure ecstasy it brings is in-measurable.

The brand alongside their own direct collections have teamed up with Mr. John Wright Croco to design some iconic sneaker designs exclusive to Don Alfo. The collection features 3 designs available for both men and women.

It's clear to see the brand have spent time developing their ranges, especially their footwear collections, not only stocking different styles but also having their own collection designs within the styles too. The Don Alfo sneaker range includes their; Crowco low top sneakers, Roadster sneakers and Liscio Low Top Sneakers amongst a few more. Although the selections they have on offer are a wide range, the quality and the feel of the brand certainly doesn't lose its effect.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the garment whether it be suits or shoes or a new bag or hoodie Don Alfo will have you covered. Oh and don't forget its luxury too.

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