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Edinburgh Fest Fringe - HOME

Highlighting the urgency of the climate crisis and the emotions that arise when it impacts your childhood home, HOME is an evocative new production from Temper Theatre, the story of returning to the place where you grew up and seeing it in a new light. Inspired by the personal experiences of Artistic Director Finn Morrell, who embarked on a profound journey back to his childhood home in East Anglia during the Coronavirus pandemic, HOME follows the character of Imogen on a transformative voyage to her childhood home in the Fens while dealing with depression.

We spoke to Finn about creating the show

Why is The Fens important?

The Fens have a long and fascinating history, which is intertwined with the development of the region. Historically, the area was a marshland, and its drainage and land reclamation have shaped the landscape and influenced human settlement. The drainage systems and water management techniques developed in the Fens have had a significant impact on land use practices across the world. The Fens of East Anglia, like many coastal and low-lying areas, are vulnerable to the potential effects of sea-level rise due to climate change. Rising sea levels could potentially pose challenges to the region in the future. The Cambridgeshire Fens are one of the lowest-lying areas of the UK and it is projected they could be underwater by 2100 if defences are not sustained, according to Cambridgeshire County Council. I was born and raised in The Fens and only since the pandemic realised the extraordinary history of the drainage works which changed the landscape forever. As sea levels rise, the threat to The Fens is greater than ever and HOME is both an homage to my homeland but also a warning signal of the darkness that looms as a consequence of complacency.

How does the set work?

The set is a dynamic structure in the shape of a HOME that twists, turns, and tips, serving as a versatile canvas to portray Imogen's childhood home. It embodies the poignant metaphor of a house submerged in water, symbolizing the sinking land of the Fens of East Anglia.

What do you want audiences to take from the show?

I aim for audiences to deeply reflect on their own upbringing, recognizing how the very foundations of their past shape the individuals they have become today. By contemplating their roots, regardless of whether their experiences were positive or challenging, I hope to instil a sense of empowerment and appreciation for the transformative influence of their origins. By inviting the audience to envision their own homes at the brink of natural disasters, we forge a direct and intimate connection to the looming threat of climate breakdown—a term that better captures the urgency and reality of our changing world. This personalization bridges the gap between the seemingly distant and abstract concept of climate change and the immediate impact it can have on our lives and the places we hold dear.

What’s your favourite thing about performing at the Fringe?

My first visit to Edinburgh in 2012 marked the beginning of an incredible journey, and since then, my deep affection for the Edinburgh Fringe has only grown stronger. What truly captivates me about this festival is the unparalleled chance to share the stage with an array of exceptional talents hailing from every corner of the globe. It serves as a dynamic global platform, where the creative arts flourish and diverse voices unite in a resounding celebration of extraordinary artistic expression. In particular, Temper's debut at ZOO Southside in 2016 acted as an invaluable springboard for the company and provided an ongoing opportunity to cultivate and engage with audiences, artists and creatives from all over the world.

HOME will be at Pleasance Courtyard 2 – 28 August, book here


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