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Effei Clothing

Fashion is one of the most overlooked forms of art in the modern world. The clothes one wears is a statment of who they are, their character and their ethics and more and more designers are learning this quickly. Just like painting a picture is all about designing and having an inspiration to base the design from for pictures it could be a season for fashion designers it could be a journey or an expression of feeling. One Italian fashion brand that boasts knowledge of the art of fashion is Effei.

Founded in 2017 in Italy, founder Aurora Circelli launched Effei, a womens fashion brand with the aim of telling a story through her designs. She wanted her garments to tell the idea about, 'an experience outside one's own borders'. Talking about her ideas and going into more depth Aurora told us, 'Through a small object, with an iconic meaning for the traveler of all times, we wanted to give importance to that wealth, the only one that really fills every luggage of the return journey.' Circelli, continues by saying, 'Thanks to the faith in small ideas, Effeicontinues today to re-propose the idea of ​​the clutch bag as an icon of travel; however, he wants to enrich it day after day through the creation of different products that can help tell and make the wearer relive even a very small part of that impenetrable conscious experience.'

The art of fashion as a form of expression

I feel that whilst everyone does turn their attension to the design of clothing and the colours and the styles it's often overlooked as a form of art, yet when you truly think about it, fashion is probably the deepest form of art, there are so many independant labels who create styles and designs based on journeys, based on emotion and their garments because a portrait of themselves.

This is something Aurora has made very clear with her brand Effei, talking about the brands mission she told us, 'Effei is cosmopolitan. The brand's mission is to represent, through its collections, the journey intended as a cultural experience and discovery by including it in the art of fashion as a form of expression.'

Effei stocks a very stylish and niche range of tee's, sweatshirts and bags for women. With the aim to, 'become a point of reference for all young travelers who see travel as a key to the future in a world where globalization is increasingly becoming a strength and a weakness at the same time.' As we are seeing increasingly more Effei pays close eye to detail when it comes to being a sustainable brand, 'To achieve its goal Effei pays attention to safeguarding the environment by favoring the development of processes and the use of eco-sustainable materials.' The brand told us.

You can shop the full range for the Italian idealic fashion brand over at effei.bigcartel.com

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