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A brand with a difference founded by an owner who's made a commitment. Being able to relate to a brand will always draw you closer so when you do find a brand with a relatable story it'll be hard not to connect, throw in an incredibly array of garments and you have yourself a new favourite brand.

Born in Australia, founder of Eluroom, Rebecca Rodden spent most of her adult life in London, England. She spent a lot of her time in the fashion industry, working for giants including Ted Baker where she partnered with some of the biggest retailers in the world including Harrods, Selfridges, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. This is where Rebecca's extensive knowledge in the fashion industry was built. Rodden Says, 'I have an extensive knowledge about creating collections and how to guide people in adapting their style and move it forward.' So surely it was always on the cards that she would one day launch her own brand.

I love creating things, I love seeing the pleasure people get in dressing. - Rebecca Rodden

Rebecca hasn't just created a brand with stunning garments she's also created something women all over the world can relate to. Being open, honest and importantly relatable on Rebecca says,'Time poor? Decision fatigued? Lost your get up and go? I know how it feels, constantly juggling family, work and whatever else life throws at you. There seems little time for you. It's why I have created Eluroom.' She continues with a commitment; one many can appreciate - 'I am committed to supporting women to radiate JOY through effortless style and mindset to live a full spirited life with confidence. I WANT YOU TO THRIVE.'

Founder Rebecca Rodden

Combining her industry experience with her personal life experience Rebecca founded Eluroom, a fashion brand which encourages you to be YOU. Speaking about the garment Rodden produces she said, 'Drawing on my experience I have created a collection of dresses, key wardrobe pieces that you return to time and time again as you look and feel amazing in them. Chic yet comfortable, versatile enough to travel easily with you for those 'life on the go' moments.' She continues with, 'How you dress your mood and mindset are interwoven. I share curated style and mindset tips, ways to achieve looking and feeling fantastic while juggling a busy lifestyle. With yoga & mindfulness courses to support your goals.'

It's clear to see Rebecca has founded more than just a brand with Eluroom, maybe without evening knowing it. She's created a community.

Designing garments including the Ausus & Neem - vintage silk sari range which includes gorgeously stunning designs and patterns for all. In an array of colours, the two collections offer completely fitting style ensuring there is something for everyone.

Through Eluroom Founder Rebecca also offers her Yoga sessions helping her customers & clients become more mindful in their lives.

With Eluroom Rebecca has created something which seems will only continue to succeed. The more people that discover the community the better. Eluroom is more than just a brand it’s a lifestyle

"I love drama in my clothes not my life" - Rebecca Rodden

You can shop the full collection from Eluroom over at