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Enjoy the Ride!: UK Dad Pens “A-Z Handbook for Life”

Robert Osbourne’s ‘Enjoy the Ride!: The A-Z Handbook for Life’ was inspired by the author’s own desire to pass on his five decades of life experience to his children, through twenty-six powerful and heartfelt messages. After realising the volume’s universal appeal, Osbourne took the bold step of releasing it to the world. It’s a book that captures the essence of the timeless parent-child conversations that are being lost in the modern world, and will be an unforgettable read for anyone.

Reflecting on his fifty-plus years of life, Cheltenham’s Robert Osbourne realised he had a wealth of wisdom to impart. As a teacher with a knack for sharing lessons in the most unconventional of ways, he put pen to paper and wrote ‘Enjoy the Ride!: The A-Z Handbook for Life’.

It’s a beautiful, profound book of messages that form a unique legacy for Osbourne, and leaves his family (and now the world!) with vital guidance on many facets of navigating life.


There is so much to life, and those who have clocked up some time on Earth will have amassed much experience that should be passed on. Reflecting on his years, Robert Osbourne writes Enjoy the Ride! his A-Z handbook sharing much of what he has seen, heard, enjoyed, endured and even suffered over the years.

Progressing from ‘ambition’ to ‘zest’, Robert shares 26 messages to his children, though the sentiment is universal. He encourages his readers to make the most of life, be creative, determined and kind, and to push themselves through the challenges that life throws. Whether read as a whole or as individual letters, Enjoy the Ride! has something for everyone to take away.

“Children today live in a very different world,” admits the author. “They are learning and communicating via smartphones, and the opportunities for families to sit down together for traditional conversation are scarce. I wanted to re-visit the traditions of yesteryear and put my messages of wisdom into a book that will hopefully inspire good conversation, bring parents and their children around the table again and address things they may otherwise not.”

Continuing, “Of course, this book is deeply personal to me. I very much revealed my inner self within its pages in an effort to convey what I have learned and, in doing so, attempted to put forward a vision for the world that I want my children and grandchildren to create for the future. At the same time, I have to emphasise that these all go way beyond my own family unit and exist as universal thoughts worth sharing. It’s vital that we take every chance we get to pass on what we have learnt in life. This book is my attempt at doing just that, and I hope people everywhere enjoy reading it and take something from it.”

With demand increasing, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

‘Enjoy the Ride!: The A-Z Handbook for Life’ is available now:

About the Author:

Cheltenham author, Robert Osbourne has been a teacher of languages since the early 1990s. A husband and father, his family life has provided the perfect inspiration for his debut book.

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