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Essentials for Veganuary 2020

As 2020 rapidly comes upon us many will be taking part in 'Veganuary' where for the whole month you eat and drink only vegan products and some even take it slightly further and only use products which are vegan friendly too. We have made it slightly easier here if you are going 'Vegan for January' because we've got some products that are perfect!

We have teamed up with 5 vegan friendly brands to bring you some great products that will help you get through Veganuary!

activated nuts and seeds - Available in four delicious creations and perfectly portioned in 30g bite sized pouches, this snack makes it easier than ever to get more probiotics in your day by adding functional probiotic ingredients. Activated using ancient Aztec and Aborigine methods and lavished with bold blends and surprising spices, these anything but ordinary snacks unlock specific nutrients for better digestion. Four flavours: Turmeric & Smoked Paprika, Orange, Ginger & Maple, Tamari & Aleppo, and Cayenne & Rosemary.

with the slogan ‘eat no evil’, is a reinvented classic chocolate bar brand using natural ingredients. The Chunky Chocolate Bar and Chunky Orange Chocolate with Baobab Bar are made with natural, raw and organic ingredients, have less than half the sugar content of current brands and 30% of your daily recommended intake of fibre. Not only are Prodigy’s snacks both delicious and healthy, they are also better for the planet with 100% compostable, plastic-free packaging made from plant-based materials.

algae protein drink - It's a vegan protein drink with a number of benefits for your body. It's made with algae protein which is an ancient source of macro and micro nutrients. It will provide your body with 15 grams of protein of protein, dietary fiber, healthy lipids, vitamins as minerals. Comes in two distinct flavours: Blood Orange & Grapefruit and Rhubarb & Ginger.

is a new nutritious breakfast/ snack drink brand that is as dedicated to its environmental impact as it is to clean and fresh ingredients. Earlybirds has created the perfect compliment to our busy lifestyles, with a vegan-friendly, high protein, high-fibre, no-sugar added, grab and go drink in Berry Bircher and Mango & Oats (£2.25 per bottle). Not only is this a healthy snacking alternative, it is placed in a compostable bottle made from sugarcane.

The clean and functional sports nutrition brand, founded by ex-England Cricketer, Matt Prior. ONE PRO has launched a Hydro Energy Drink Mix: With added Palatinose, a premium low GI carbohydrate that improves endurance and sustains exercise levels. Available in Pineapple & Coconut or Caffeine Mixed Berry, this vegan energy drink also includes coconut water extract for balanced electrolytes and green tea extract providing catechins - a natural antioxidant that helps prevent muscle damage.

Want more information on the brands above? Just click on the name and see what they've got to offer!


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