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Estelle London

Fashion can tell you many things about a person, it also dicates the way you're going to be spending your time. For example a evening gown wouldn't be worn to the park you know you're going to be going out for dinner or some formal event but I think its about time we started to dicate to fashion. Fashion brand Estelle London seems to agree, boasting impecable collections for women. 'Modern Fashion for the Classy Women' is the brands mission statement and it's certainly something they provide. We sat down with Founder of Estelle London Bushra to talk a little more about the brand she created.

Let's start by learning a little more about Estelle London, For those who might not be aware of your brand tell us more about who you are. 

Estelle London is a Designer clothing brand and specialize in producing elegant pieces of fashion to empower women. Our garments will inspire women to shine with confidence every day they wear them! Our collections are very modern, feminine, and effortless to wear. We know that busy women need clothing that works, fits perfectly and feels good through the day. Whether daywear, evening wear or cocktail wear, we want women to feel confident and

feminine in the Estelle London Brand!

What was your motivation behind launching Estelle London?

Fashion has always been a pipe dream for me from a young age, whilst at Uni I took interest in reading Vogue and Harpers Bazaar as well as the material that would support my degree which I completed in social work. After reaching the highs of my career in social work I felt it was time that I needed to fullfil my pipe dream and bring out my creative side. I undertook a part time fashion course which I did in the evening and weekends as well as my day role, and began to design my own clothing range which people took a lot of interest in.

Although creating wonderful pieces of fashion was inspiring to me I felt that I wanted to continue my role as a social worker in providing a service to the community. I therefore collaborated both my philanthropist and creative side and launched my Brand Estelle London. Estelle London is brand that takes a look at deep social issues women encounter and aim to empower them through fashion. A percentage of all net proceeds go to charity from every item we sell at Estelle London as well as taking part in community work to raise funds for charities that we work closely with.

Your brand has a simple 'We inspire women to shine when wearing our beautiful clothing. We support our community with every garment sold'. Why was this the aim you set out? And how do you think you are achieving this?

Working in the social sector predominantly most my life I have first hand witnessed social issues in the community ranging from women, children, elderly adults and individuals with impairments. From serving my clients as a social worker, I am passionate about continuing this role through my brand in a

philanthropist sense by empowering not only women but also in a wider context, such as children and vulnerable adults. This will involve donating funds from sales, participating in charity events fundraising providing learning and development opportunities and really enhancing my role as a philanthropist.

It's evidently clear that you have a very ethical focus on the practices you undertake. How important do you think this is for brands and businesses in general to do?

I think it is extremely important for brands to adopt an ethical process in whatever business venture they are pursuing as I believe we all have a social and moral responsibility to give back to the society we live in and empower and support those we can.

I feel we all have to take some responsibility in social and economic issues this has been instilled in me from a very young age and then continued to implement this in my work so this has always been the core of everything that I have done and I have a set of standard that I live my life by ,and implemented

this in Estelle London.

Let's turn the focus on designing the garments. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am an instinctive designer, I get inspired by people and mostly interactions that take place with people.

I get my inspiration from everyday life, it is the most smallest things that can inspire me in creating my collections. I love to absorb my environment and take from things that are happening around me, from taking a walk in the park and seeing a rose or a blue bell, I will take that as inspiration. I take inspiration by issues going on around me and conversations that have been taken place with people around me.

When I create my designs, I take into consideration the psychological and emotional needs for women as we are all under undure pressure from day to day life and want to look and feel glam but needs to be practical and easy to wear. My main inspiration are women and been able to cater to there needs and empower to look sexy and glam as well as practical and not compromising.

Do you find yourself sticking to the same creative processes when designing new collections or does it change from collection to collection?

I always like to take into consideration the environment women and living in, for instance in the work wear collection we inspire to make every garment easy to wear so will have a 4 way stretch fabric which makes each piece easy to moneavoure as well as carefully silouhete cuts so can ensure you look


When designing I always take into consideration different body shapes and how to dress these so we are able to cater to people who have different shapes and sizes. Before I design I look into my consumer and how I can meet there needs.

Is there anything you can tell us about the next collection?

I don’t want to give too much away but we a dipping our toes in to our evening wear collection which is looking to be very glamarous and will be dressing a lot of celebs on the red carpet. So keep your eyes peeled.

We have to mention it as it's been a huge part of life for everyone... Coronavirus. How have you found it's affected your business? And what did you do to try and not let it affect your substantially? 

This has been a very trying time, especially for the fashion industry and have seen many fashion brands in going into liquidation. At Estelle we have been extremely fortunate in continuing the work we are doing and look forward to the restrictions been lifted to we are able to see our clients face to face.

So what would the ideal picture be for Estelle London in 5 years time?

In 5 years we are looking to make a move from online store selling to brick and motar stores and do regular work in the community. We are looking to spread our stores all over the UK and I would love to do more work with charities

and be able to contribute to social and economic issues.

Bushra, Thank you for your time.

Thank you

You can shop the full range fro Estelle London over at

Photoshoot Details:

Model: Bushra - Founder of Estelle London

Sustainable Personal Stylist - @simastylistlondon.

Jewels worn - @atelier20jewellery