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Everything That Glitters

Denise Booth’s Remarkably Raw Tale of Her Marriage to Light Heavyweight Champion Antonio Tarver

Vegas nightlife, clicking cameras, a fairytale wedding -- Denise Booth, a successful

realtor and ex-wife of Antonio Tarver, the former light heavyweight champion of the world, would say that stuff is all just ‘glitter’ that looks like ‘gold.’ In fact, she does just that in her new book Everything That Glitters.

Booth’s book tells the ‘not so glamorous’ aspects of a high-profile marriage where

expectations and reality collide. Booth thought her life was planned. She thought the man she trusted with her world would honor and cherish that gift. When she discovered otherwise, it was a slow, painful realization of the truth -- she needed to leave him.

But leaving is never as easy as it sounds. So for years, Denise endured mental and

physical abuse. For years she tolerated the infidelity and punched down the shame and hurt it inflicted. But there comes a time when enough is enough. Booth states in her book, “Men really aren’t worth your energy. You need to understand that men only have the value that you’ve allowed them to have. They see you only as you show yourself to be.”

Booth sees herself very differently now than when she was with Tarver. unfortunately, she showed him a side that he felt he could control and take for granted. And Booth allowed it to happen as so many women do. Once Booth found herself again -- the person she had lost to this man who belittled her -- she dared to leave. She was done giving him value, and she was done sacrificing herself for a man she realized never valued her.

Everything That Glitters holds no detail back from a tumultuous relationship with

problems from the start. But like so many women, Booth thought she could change him. She believed he loved her, and she believed those few and far between moments when he was putty in her hands were enough to grow a doomed love. Her purpose in writing Everything That Glitters is to share her story to inspire other women to know their worth even though society paints a very different picture of how women are supposed to behave.

Even though we live in modern times, and women have made great strides in closing the gender equality gap, the gap still exists. Society still teaches women to remain quiet and not complain. And more so, culture stresses that women stand by their men. As a result, many women like Booth stay in situations that compromise their individuality and harm them mentally and physically. Booth adds these words of encouragement in her book, “You are so much more powerful than you’ll ever know, and you need to take that power and strength and build yourself up. It’s the only way to survive and make it through this world.”

For Booth, Everything That Glitters was much-needed therapy -- leaving no tale untold. Even though revisiting those hurtful times was like exposing a half-healed wound, making it raw again, Denise needed to get it all out. She had to prove to herself and the world that what happened to her was not her fault. She had to send the message that she is not ashamed. Instead, she is strong -- strong enough to tell the truth, knowing some will pass judgment.

The book’s unique voice and style give the impression that you are taking a peek into Booth’s diary, where only the most personal thoughts are revealed. While it is evident that the worst of the pain is behind her, she bravely depicts situations and feelings that are deeply personal and authentic. Yet, a vein of strength and independence runs through the words, telling the reader she is okay. In fact, her confidence exudes that she is much more than okay. She is triumphant.

Telling the personal story of your life is like exposing your soul, especially when the details don’t match the expectation. Denise Booth was supposed to live happily ever after. She had the man of her dreams. She had the life many envied until she

discovered it was all just glitter.

Today, Denise has moved on from this tragic time in her life, and she leaves Everything That Glitters as a constant reminder for herself and others that glitter is not enough. These days Booth sets her standards high -- she is gold, and she knows it.

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