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“Fashion And Politics Go Hand In Hand!”, Says Brazilian Designer

Who created micro bag as a political manifest for the Brazilian elections “the differential is that it was designed with the functionality of taking the voter's title”, explains Paulo Camargo.

HOPE BAG | Copyright Courtesy Cacau Oliver Press Office

It seems that the election climate also influenced the fashion world. This is the case of Paulo Camargo, founder, and designer of the Paulo Camargo Design brand, who created a micro bag to keep the voter registration card, an important document for the Brazilian elections, whose first round took place on October 2nd.

This is his manifesto for political participation, whether men or women, literate or illiterate, who have the right to choose their representative through voting.

The vote represents our choices, the country we want, just like fashion expresses our ideas and our lifestyle. Fashion and politics go hand in hand!”, says Paulo.

The designer Paulo Camargo is the mind behind the most varied models of bags, suitcases, backpacks, and accessories of the brand that today sells throughout Brazil, Portugal and,

in the international market. Mixing colors, textures and designs, the Paulo Camargo brand has models for all tastes, female, and male, from the most classic to the most daring.

According to Paulo, the micro bag model's differential is in the star-shaped design, in red color - which is a reference to the candidate Lula, of the left PT party - and with a chain strap instead of the traditional leather that represents the strength of the Brazilian people.

If there is a passport holder, then why not create a title holder, right ?!”, he asked. “In addition to being an alternative to keep your vote document, you can make it look really cool, if that's your wish ”, he says.

The designer/fashionist still has the desire to see his work being used by great Brazilian stars, such as Lula's own wife, Marisa Leticia, and Brazilian icons who reached the international market, such as Anitta and Pabllo Vittar. “I hope that the hope bag is also an encouragement of hope so everything to work out in these elections .”

The second round of elections in Brazil should take place on October 30 and will determine the country's new president for the next four years. Jair Bolsonaro, current head of state, is seeking re-election.