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Five Great Desert Destinations

A desert is, almost by definition, an inhospitable place. But the world’s deserts are also extremely interesting. They’re packed with breathtaking scenery and natural beauty, as well as amazing plant and animal species. Some of the world’s most amazing architectural wonders are to be found in deserts. What’s more, they’re perfect for those looking to adventure through some challenging terrain.

Let’s take a look at five desert destinations worth checking out.

Desert Land


This incredibly sparsely populated African nation sits on the Atlantic coast. It’s mostly comprised of rolling sand dunes and arid plains. In spite of this, many animal species have made their homes here, including lions, elephants and flamingos. A desert Safari provides a vastly different experience than a grassland one, and Namibia is perhaps the best place to enjoy such a thing.


Even if you’ve never visited Jordan, the chances are good that you’re familiar with its incredible desert landscape, which has featured in countless Hollywood productions. You can now go camping, right out in the desert, without compromising your safety. And that’s before we mention Petra, or Ayn Ghazal. For adventurous travellers, and those with an interest in history, it’s difficult to beat.

If you’re planning a holiday in Jordan, then it’s worth making a list of all of these marvellous destinations and trying to get them all into a single trip.


Arguably the most famous of all desert locations, Egypt is home to some of history’s most iconic structures. The Pyramids, the Sphynx, Abu Simbel: they’re all essential if you have a passion for history. But there’s plenty of natural beauty here, too, including the famous White Desert National Park, where mushroom-shaped chalk formations predominate. Then of course, there’s the famous river Nile, along which you might take a leisurely cruise.


The Sahara is the largest hot desert on the planet (the Arctic and Antarctica count as deserts, too). It covers most of North Africa, spreading from the Atlantic right to the Red Sea. If you’re planning to challenge yourself with an outdoor hike, then this is the place to do it. Just make sure that you’re adequately prepared, and that you’re heading out with the right guide. A hike through this desert will require a basic level of experience and fitness, depending on how far you’re hiking, and whom you’re doing it with.


Modern Dubai offers an entirely different kind of experience in the desert. It’s a city unlike any other, with enormous glass skyscrapers shimmering in the midday sun. For those who’d like to combine their adventures in the desert with a little bit of luxury, it’s an obvious choice. And there are amazing shopping malls, cinemas, swimming pools and other facilities to take advantage of, too.

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, then heading out into the desert on a jeep safari is an excellent way to spend the day. You’ll be powering through those dunes, without having to worry about walking up and down them!


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