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Forget Socks and Aftershave - Here’s What Dads REALLY Want for Father’s Day

Love2shop YouGov Poll reveals British dads’ perfect gift would be a pint in the pub, tickets to the match and their favourite tipple!

Key findings: Escaping to the pub the most popular gift of choice (18%) Over 1 in 10 would love a bottle of their favourite tipple (12%) Least wanted gift is a gym membership (28%) A YouGov poll for top gifting brand Love2shop has revealed British men are fed up with boring Father’s Day gifts.

Instead, when asked what they really wanted, the number one choice would be a pint in the pub (18%), followed by a bottle of their fave tipple (12%) and tickets to a sporting event, such as the Euro Championships (8%).

An experience day, such as driving a supercar, also made it into the top 5 choices, alongside a new or larger shed aka a ‘man cave’!.

While escaping to the pub or a sports event were clearly popular, in contrast, the most unwanted gift among all dads was a gym membership. Almost a third (28%) of British dads would be disappointed to get this as a Father’s Day present.

A quarter of the dads in the North were turned off by the idea (25%), rising as high as three in ten in the South (30%).

Traditional Father’s Day gifts such as socks, ties and underpants all made it into the top five least wanted gifts in the Love2shop poll.

Almost 1 in 5 dads (19%) would not want a tie and probably don’t need one in these days of working from home more. And definitely don’t buy your dad underpants (7%) or boring socks (5%) as clearly they’d prefer a pint down the pub!

However, British dads also expressed an interest for a bit of nostalgia with retro gifts with vinyl records and players, as well as old school games such as Scalextric, all making it into the top 10. Top Most wanted gifts: 1Pint & meal at the pub

2Favourite tipple (bottle of whisky, gin, brandy)

3 Tickets to the match (e.g: Euros)

4 An experience day e.g.: Formula One driving experience)

5Man cave (new or larger shed)

Least wanted gifts (top 5):

1Gym membership

2 A tie

3 Underpants

4 A box of chocolates 5 Socks Sebastian Dubois, Product Manager at Love2shop and High Street Vouchers said: “British dads have made their feelings clear – no more boring gifts please! Instead, treat your dad to a father’s day Love2shop gift card or voucher. He added: “The huge advantage is that they can choose exactly what they want – from tech gadgets, tickets to events, meals out and even a man cave shed from a DIY store. These days we offer E-Gift cards too and these are the ultimate convenient way of spreading joy to dads up and down the UK this Father’s Day.”

Gift cards have emerged as the most popular form of gifting during COVID-19, according to the research from the Gifts Card & Voucher Association (GCVA) and GlobalData. Of those who purchased gifts for loved ones during lockdown, 14% bought a gift card for somebody else to choose an item or experience for themselves, outselling physical gifts at just 12%. Love2shop is the UK’s favourite multi-retailer gift card and voucher. Vouchers can be redeemed at over 150 brands and Love2shop cards can be spent in over 90 high street brands, or exchanged for over 30 additional e-Gift Card options to spend online and in-store.

As recently announced, shoppers can now also purchase Love2shop PayPoint e-Gift cards which can be exchanged to spend at over 30 favourite high street brands.

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