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Fortitude,Femininity, and Fierceness for the everyday woman

From debuting their first collections at New York fashion week and Paris Fashion week there is nothing mellow about women's fashion designer aŠady. Fueled by fortitude, femininity, and fierceness, the brands wear is designed for the everyday woman - that's 'ready to grab life by its horns' ... whilst looking great.

Founder scientist, technologist and now designer Dana aŠady launcher her brand with the same name pulling inspiration from the past and the present. Dana was an immigrant whose says her work is influenced, ' by her roots in ancient Mesopotamia where goddesses ruled both love and war simultaneously, married with a modern twist fit for the 21st century woman'.

aŠady designs are powered by bold cuts coupled with intricate embroidery, adding a delicate touch to each piece: your invincible shield of confidence.

At aŠady they believe, 'you can be both strong and feminine, any day and anywhere. There is no need for compromise'. With a goal to elevate your ready to wear style, one daring piece at a time founder aŠady, namesake of the brand is clearly making a strong statement not only with the way she is taking the brand but by the designs she is creating. You can check out the latest collection from aŠady here.