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An outfit isn't just the clothes you wear, its the jewellery and watches, it's your make up you wear and what could be an iconic piece of anyone's outfit is the perfume used. If you have a quality scent throughout the night everyone will not only be complimenting on your outfit but your smell too.

Lithuanian based Perfume brand FUMparFUM is the first brand of niche copyright perfumery registered in Lithuania something which has cause traction in the perfume world, showing how daring the brand is to break boundaries they've set a president for those who look to follow.

The creator and "nose" of FUMparFUM Aistis Mickevičius, known in Lithuania as an actor, artist, host of radio shows and events, participant of TV projects. Giving them a perfect platform to be able to launch the brand from. When launching a brand it's always difficult to gain an audience to start with and becoming the first niche copyright perfumery registered in Lithuania the platform Aistis Mickevičius had would have been instrumental to the success of this brand. This give the brand a warming feeling due to the connection to the star the customers will have.

One thing about FUMparFUM fragrances is that they are all extremely limited edition, hand-made from the highest quality natural and synthetic essence. Giving them an urgency to be brought with fear of missing out for buyers.

Alongside the Perfumes the brand boasts collections in 'Scents for homes' and 'Other odours'. With the 'scents for homes' featuring sprays and fragrance sticks to spruce up the home and the 'Other Odours' including unique scented Wooden balls, incense cones and even car spray plus more!

You can checkout the full range from FUMparFUM over at now!

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