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Get More Vits

From being made redundant to creating a brand new drink that would be stocked in major supermarkets all over the UK Get More Vitamins founder didn't know how just in two years their life would change.

Being made redundant in 2012 sparked a thought in the mind of the Get more Vitamins founder, there is a gap in the market 'A Healthy Drink bursting with Flavour' and so was born the new brand. Get More Vitamins is a Low Calorie, sugar free multi vitamin drink that comes in still or sparking waters.

With over 10 Million bottles sold to date the brand is constantly looking to create new flavours to add to its existing range; sparkling black current & Blueberry, Still apple and raspberry, Sparkling orange, Still Mango & Passionfruit, Sparking Lemon & Lime, Still Cranberry, Hydrating orange and Watermelon all of which have there own body supporting focus.

Get More Vitamin have also launched their own Vitamin Gum boasting 10 vitamins in each flavour.

Get more Vitamins had grown incredibly quick over the last 7 years and one can only predict they arent slowing down.

Why not head over to now and get yourself some super fruity, low calorie and sugar free healthy drinks.

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