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Get Ready to Climb the Money Ladder with Ant & Dec's Limitless Win Board Game

The nation's favourite double act, Ant and Dec, are bringing the excitement of their hit ITV gameshow right into your living room with of Ant & Dec's Limitless Win Board Game.

Ant & Dec's Limitless Win

Just like the TV show, this board game challenges players to climb the money ladder higher than their opponents by answering general knowledge trivia questions. Suitable for ages 8 and above, it's the perfect way to bring family and friends together for a fun-filled game night.

With over 600 trivia questions covering a wide range of topics, players must be strategic in their answers as they climb the limitless money ladder. But be careful – one wrong answer could cost you everything!

Ant & Dec's Limitless Win

The game is divided into two stages: the Life Builder round and Stage Two. In the Life Builder round, players must answer as many questions as possible within a time limit to earn lives for Stage Two. Once in Stage Two, teams work collaboratively to answer questions and move their way up the money ladder. The team that banks the most money across the rounds wins the game!

Inside the box, players will find everything they need to get started, including the limitless money ladder, answer dials, a score tracker, and easy-to-follow rules.

Ant & Dec's Limitless Win

Ant & Dec's Limitless Win Board Game is now available for purchase, bringing the excitement of the TV show into your home. Get ready to test your knowledge, strategy, and nerve as you climb to victory! Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win Board Game costs £24.99 from



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