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Get The 'Carrie Bradshaw' Smile With PÄRLA PRO

Introducing the next generation of toothpaste tablets, now supercharged with teeth whitening, sensitivity-reducing and immunity-boosting powers.

With PÄRLA ORIGINAL, our naturally whitening, ethically sourced, sustainably packaged toothpaste tabs, we singlehandedly solved so many dental industry pain points. But now it’s time to take things to the next level with the arrival of NEW PÄRLA PRO, the professional-grade toothpaste tab specifically formulated for anyone looking to go the extra mile with their oral care rituals.

Don’t stress: we haven’t ripped up the recipe and started from scratch. Like the original, PÄRLA PRO remains totally vegan and zero waste, as well as cruelty-free, palm oil-free and SLS-free. What has changed, however, is that PÄRLA’s founding dentists have taken the original winning formula and added the most advanced, clean ingredients at the forefront of dental innovation. The result? Toothpaste tabs that don’t just level-up in terms of cleaning power, but also present a revolutionary approach to whitening, fighting sensitivity and even boosting immunity.


Remember how the skincare world went crazy for hyaluronic acid and vitamin C? Well, consider hydroxyapatite the ‘next big thing’ in dentistry, which is why you’ll find it in the new PÄRLA PRO formula. This mineral is a building block of natural enamel. It works by blocking all the open pores and smoothing the surface of the tooth, which – in tandem with PÄRLA’s four signature stain-removing ingredients – adds a high-gloss, whitening shine. A true multi-tasker, hydroxyapatite can also strengthen enamel, help re-mineralise early decay lesions and fight tooth sensitivity.


If your ears pricked up at the mention of the word ‘sensitivity’, you’re not alone. 28% of the population suffer with tooth sensitivity which is why PÄRLA PRO was developed to offer your strongest defence yet. As anyone with temperature-sensitive teeth will know, just one sip of a cold drink can lead to a sharp, almost electric-shock like sensation. That happens because the open pores on the surface of the tooth allow the cold drink to rush right through it, irritating the nerve at its centre. Alongside sensitivity-fighting potassium citrate, wonder ingredient hydroxyapatite (we told you it was multi-talented!) remineralises and strengthens enamel, forming a barrier over the open pores, reducing the temperature transmission to the nerve and lessening the sensation of sensitivity.


In an incredible world first, PÄRLA PRO can even support a healthy immune system. Each tablet contains at least 50% of your RDA (designed to be used twice a day) of vitamin E, B12 and selenium, vital for maintaining a healthy mind, immune system and gums. Unlike supplements you swallow with water, PÄRLA PRO heralds a new era in immunity health by utilising the incredible absorption powers of the mouth.

If you’ve ever tried a sublingual (under the tongue) spray, you’ll know how efficient the mouth is at getting all-important vitamins to where they are most needed. That’s because the mouth is incredibly vascularised (in other words, there’s a heavy bloody flow to and from this area) so it offers a particularly high absorption rate into the blood stream. Basically, as you brush your teeth for 2 minutes, the vitamins and minerals blended into the tablet formula are able to enter the bloodstream via the skin inside your mouth, before you spit the toothpaste out as normal.

While you won’t have come across supplement-fortified toothpaste before, there are already impressive studies highlighting its efficacy. And by getting your RDA simply by brushing your teeth, at least that’s one less ritual to remember each day.

PÄRLA PRO is available from & and costs £8.00 a month on subscription from