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Gifts That Make Someone Special Smile

There doesn’t need to be an occasion to treat a friend and loved one. These thoughtful gifts will make those you care about smile.

DIY Bird House Japanese Tree House £6.50 from - Perfect for bird lovers. The Japanese-inspired birdhouse is easy to put together. No tools necessary, all you need is your hands.

Crafters Handmade Banner Kit £22.50 from - Create your own canvas banner Includes: fabric banner, a brush, tracing paper, carbon paper, templates, and ink. Everything you need to turn your favourite phrase into a wall-art.

Buddha Mug £20 from – Unleash your inner-zen with this unique Buddha mug. Ideal for relaxing and finding some peace. Includes a lid so your drink stays hotter for longer.

Crafters Clay Jewellery Kit £25 from – Everything you need to create unique pieces of jewellery. This kit contains everything you need to make your own unique jewellery: 6 colours of polymeric clay, forms for earrings, and a necklace.

5 Stages to Happiness Glasses £15 from - Enjoy your tipple with these fun drinking glasses. Comes in a set of two. Each glass has 5 stages: Sip, Ahhh, Smile, Chuckle & Bliss. Great to share with loved ones and friends Each glass holds 300 ml.


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