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Going Commando - The (Very) Uncomfortable Truth

As the summer heatwaves continue a top doctor has warned men across the UK of the dangers of “going commando”. Dermatologist Dr. Faheem Latheef said having fresh, well-fitting underwear daily can help prevent nasty bugs and even heat-induced rashes.

Speaking on behalf of the online retailer Dr. Latheef added that “the groin area tends to be an ideal breeding ground for a number of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, and viruses due to its skin folds and higher temperature and humidity allowing these organisms to thrive.” Pants absorb moisture and prevent chafing.

Around five to seven percent of men take their boxers off and go commando, opting to let the goods hang low and breathe a little more during a heatwave. Also known as “free balling” Dr. Latheef said going commando isn’t as fresh as it sounds, requiring you to wash your clothes more to prevent unhygienic practices.

He added: “Without underwear, these will now be in direct contact with your clothing and therefore will require daily washing.” Aside from extra laundry, you’ll also be putting yourself at risk of other problems, such as skin irritation.

Dr. Latheef explained: “Without underwear, the skin is also directly exposed to the seams and fabric of your trousers which can cause chafing and irritate the skin and cause an irritant dermatitis.”

Get Ready to Do a Lot More Laundry

You wouldn’t wear the same underwear two days in a row, so be ready to wash your shorts and trousers after each wear. Your crotch is a popular hang-out for bad bacteria, so ensure you stay clean and wash your clothes daily. Whilst there are many reasons 95% of men wear underwear, we can assure you that having less laundry is certainly one. If you’ve run out of clean clothes and plan on indulging in a shopping trip whilst notably boxer-less, maybe save that idea for a day when you opt to wear underwear.

Prepare For Some Serious Stains & Odours

Watch out for staining on your trousers when freeballing. With no protection or pants to absorb sweat, it will congregate near the groin area and have no place to go but directly onto your trousers. This will leave some seriously embarrassing stains that can be near impossible to hide, but the sweat stains may be the least of your worries, with some pretty foul smells occurring as well. Underwear acts as a sponge to absorb nasty sweat and other bodily substances to avoid smelly and stained trousers, so without them being there, you’re unfortunately going to encounter both.

Dr. Faheem added: “Your groin area also has a large concentration of sweat glands and without underwear, this sweat has nowhere to go except for directly onto your clothing resulting in staining and malodour.”

The Chafe is Real

With your skin not receiving any protection between it and your trousers, you’ll get some painful chafing from the increased friction after going commando, causing uncomfortable skin irritation. If you’re super set on not wearing any underwear, you can attempt to prevent chafing by wearing a well-fitting pair of pants.

No Underwear = Less Support

There’s a whole package down there that needs just enough support for you to feel relaxed and confident. Walking around with everything bouncing around is both painful and uncomfortable, so choosing to go pant free will have several unpleasant consequences. Our advice? Don’t sprint for the train.

Jock Itch & Other Infections

Going commando doesn’t mean you will avoid skin conditions like jock itch. In fact, you’ll actually increase the chances of getting it, as the exposure to fungus is much more likely to develop when you’ve been wearing the same shorts and trousers without pants to protect you. That means that it’s essential to wash your clothes every day if you insist on freeballing. Exposure to unclean environments and poor hygiene is an ideal place for infection, so to avoid the nasties, your best bet is to put on a clean pair of fresh, crisp, and comfortable pants every day.

Treat “The Goods” Right

One of the most important parts of your body should be treated with the most care. Without the protection of underwear, your most sensitive area is immediately exposed to the harsh outside environment of your trousers and shorts.

Still, Thinking of Freeballing?

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