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GoldenEye - rich in mystic soul and Jamaican culture

GoldenEye is now offering a new and authentic Jamaican experience for those wanting to escape the ‘hustle and bustle’ of everyday life and immerse themselves in the mystic soul and Jamaican culture that is organically part of the GoldenEye footprint.

Jamaica was recently featured as the #1 destination in the Caribbean for UK Travelers and is well-known for its warm hospitality, bold personality and larger than life spirit and this vibrant Caribbean Island continues to welcome a record number of U.K visitors.

Situated in Oracabessa Bay overlooking the Caribbean Sea - GoldenEye features a collection of 49 villas, cottages, and huts scattered within tropical gardens, a tranquil lagoon, beaches…and calm ‘Snorkeler’s Cove.’ The Property offers an array of authentic activities and events including the recently introduced full moon ‘Burning Ceremony’ which taps into the magnetic energy of GoldenEye.

The ‘Full Moon Burning Ceremony’ takes place every full moon and Rastafarian High Priest Drummers from the Blue Mountains sing, drum and chant throughout the ceremony so that you are able to create a sacred space to focus on your energy internally - and using the time to set intentions and cultivate empowerment while ridding oneself of negativity. Guests are encouraged to write all negative thoughts on a piece of paper, which is then released into the bonfire - allowing the ‘letting go’ of the past and looking to the future and new beginnings.

When staying at GoldenEye - you can opt to just chill at the beach and unwind…or take a paddleboard out on the tranquil lagoon…if feeling more adventurous, a snorkeling tour of the coral gardens nearby. A sunrise fishing trip can be arranged with local fishermen. Toast to the sunset at Shabeen with the Nyabinghi drummers …attend a singing bowl meditation or yoga session by the sea…listen to folklore storytelling…guests will also enjoy lovingly prepared fresh local cuisine at Bizot or the Button Beach Grill, as well as a Caribbean themed night on Playscape.

GoldenEye offers a stay which is harmoniously connected to nature. It is more than a place, it is a state of mind…a literal sanctuary.


Room rates start from £471 per night

All further information can be found at: WWW.GOLDENEYE.COM/EXCLUSIVES/