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No outfit for a man is complete without a watch. Doesn't matter who you are or what you are doing, Working out - Fitness watch, Tech savvy - smart watch, business man - classic luxury watch theres not an occasion where you cant wear a watch. Even as time goes on this iconic piece of an outfit will continue to stay put and just develop to fit whatever situation you are in.

The most popular will always be that classic analog watch, something that will never go out of style, something you dont have to charge and will add that little extra style to your outfit. There's one brand that is everything a watch should be; Elegant, Stylish & Italian, Gravithin.

Founded in Italy in 2017 Gravithin focus thier designs on producing elegant looking peice's, talking to the brand we were told, 'We wanted to make watches able to express elegance and simplicity, while also focusing on design and high-quality craftsmanship, so that every single watch would be a work of art', and you ask any watch lover or collector, each piece is a true piece of art.

The brand set out to make timepieces with the brand claiming that these, 'are now a must have for design lovers and watch collectors in need of the perfect accessory for their outfits'. Timeless pieces can make a real statment, and any gentleman that has a wide collection will tell you picking the right watch for your outfit is just as important as not wearing brown shoes with a black suit...

Talking about their designs the founder told us ,'We decided to create elegant and customizable time pieces, to respond to any of your needs. Whether you are rushing to the office for a formal meeting, or you are about to leave for a new adventure, our watches are a fashion statement'. Something for everyone. They continued by saying, 'The thin yet strong dial makes them a must-have for both men and women'. Truly a brand with something for everyone.

You can shop the full range of watches from GRAVITHIN over at

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