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Halloween 2018

Halloween is over for another year and we are one more holiday closer to Christmas, so it's time to put away your gruesome costumes and pumpkins for another year but not before we look back at Halloween 2018.

Halloween can be largely seen as a consumer holiday, with the holiday most popular with those of our western friends in the USA, they go crazy for it. But we ask is it as big if not bigger here in England? For decades parents have taken their children 'Trick or treating', this is where you knock door to door asking for candy... Essentially begging for free sweets.. would the be acceptable any other time of the year.... no I think NOT! Some people may use it as an excuse to have a party which is great until you wake up the next morning beside your one night stand not releasing what they actually look light without there costume on and in the light. (seriously regretting things now).

Other go to pre organised events... like us here at HINTON, we visited Mead Open farm in Bedfordshire for there annual 'Howl Scream Park', and I have to say for someone who isn't the biggest fan of Halloween I would happily come back again next year. The event costing £26 (full access) is a brilliant idea with 5 mazes for you to wander round scaring yourself silly as well as live music and food and drink area's its the perfect thing to do when Halloween comes back around in 2019. The whole night in general was a brilliant experience and it is something that We here at Hinton would highly recommend, and you can still go this year with the event on until Saturday 3rd November its not too late! Head over to to get your tickets.

And finally the costume, there are 3 types of people,those who love gore and wear gory costumes, those who want to scare and wear scary costumes and those who love dressing up and end up going as a superhero or sponge bob. Now what you wear is up to you, clothing is advised although not many tend to wear much #SexyCatOutfit remember it is a clod time of year so you should wrap up warm when heading out and about. We have picked our favourite costumes from this year.

Whether Halloween 2018 is done already for you or you still have some spooking to do make sure you stay safe out there this Halloween... and dont have too many spirits... The alcohol kind.