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HANNOVER 1998, evolution of a luxury store in times of pandemic

With an area of 800 square meters dedicated exclusively to men, in addition to finding the most prestigious fashion brands, HANNOVER 1998 is committed to a new space dedicated to premium sports and lifestyle.

Considered one of the most prestigious men's fashion establishments internationally, and one of the largest men's clothing stores in Europe, HANNOVER 1998 has inaugurated its new and exclusive space dedicated to premium sports and lifestyle, No Limits, with the most exclusive international brands.

An impeccable design, conceived and devised by the prestigious interior designer Carlos Serra, added to the personalized attention and professionals trained in each of the brands, as well as in their products, make this new space position HANNOVER 1998 as the only fashion brand of luxury in Spain in enabling an exclusive area with the concept of premium sport & lifestyle.

HANNOVER 1998, which has a floor dedicated to the most exclusive brands in sports technology, as well as clothing and accessories, relies on brands such as Radinn, an electric surfboard that reaches almost 60 km / h; Casall, the trendsetting workout brand with superior quality and smart designs; On-running, the line of shoes with Cloud technology designed by Roger Federer; Nohrd, high-tech sports machines designed with wood and manufactured with sustainable criteria; Castore, the premium sportswear brand that emerged through tennis and its ambassador Peter Murray; Hannover No Limits also has the exclusive speaker brands Astell & Kern, Devialet and Leak and the well-known Blauer motorcycle helmets, as well as other premium brands.

The landing of this new space occurs in the midst of the crisis caused by Covid-19. “When a brand has been dedicated to luxury fashion for more than 25 years, talking about other segments such as sports and lifestyle sounds risky. However, at a time when many experts in the sector speak of the retail crisis, we have opted to offer our public a booming experience such as this premium service" defends Luis Bodes, owner of Hannover 1998.

Sustainability and the highest quality standards

HANNOVER 1998 as a whole continues to incorporate new firms and new more technical fabrics, but always looking for everything to be coherent and to breathe the elegant style of Hannover. Many of these garments are created in leading companies that continually invest in R&D and are capable of incorporating highly technical fabrics with highly avant-garde designs into fashion. Likewise, it is necessary to highlight the brand's current commitment to respect the environment, incorporating innovative production processes.

About HANNOVER 1998

Walnut platforms and a light and airy frame characterize this multi-brand boutique. At HANNOVER 1998 you can find everything from the most exclusive Brunello Cucinell garments and Alessandro Gherardi shirts, to Herno or Moncler parkas, Boglioli jackets, Jacob Cohën or Incotex trousers, Alden shoes, Crockett & Jone, Tod's or Hogan, or the sought-after and exclusive Hidnander sneakers, individually hand painted, as well as the fragrances of the exclusive niche brand Eight & Bob. Likewise, Hannover is defined as a concept store, integrating the highest quality in gourmet products: the delicacies of Da Vittorio, the prestigious Bergamo restaurant with 3 Michelin stars.


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