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Happy Mask

If you were told 12 months ago face masks would become apart of your everyday life and more importanly a huge fashion statement, you would've laughed in disbelief. Well fast forward 12 months and it seems these fabric face coverings are here to stay for some time yet! As this became more of a reality many brands took on the challenge to make the re-usable ones more fashionable and one brand in particular has helped to lead the way, Happy Mask.

With the cornavirus (COVID-19) changing the way of life all over the world, one change we all had to adapt to this year was the introduction of many goverments implement laws requiring everyone to wear facemasks whilst in public to help slow the spread of the virus. Way back in March many turned to the blue disposable masks but very quickly when it became clear the masks would be here to stay for some time brand like Happy Mask designed a more enviromentally friendly option - the reusuable mask.

Speaking to the brand's founder as to why decided to launch their brand they told us,'We, the team behind happy mask are passionate about hygiene, protecting the planet and fair, equal income. We are proud that those values are the very foundation Happy Mask is build upon'. With these facemasks set to be apart of our lives for the forseeable future we asked Happy Mask to tell us more about how they have built their brand so quickly and what they think gives them the edge over their competitiors, 'We made it our mission to provide a durable, reusable, affordable, environmental friendly and fair produced alternativ to disposable face masks that makes you look great. And that is what sets us apart from everyone else' the brand told us. Talking about what separates the brand away from its competitors the brand told us, 'The material used for the inside of our face masks has an antibacterial effect thanks to silver ion technology. The material is produced in Germany specifically for medical purposes and has been tested and certified for its antibacterial effect by the Hohenstein Institute."

The brand boasts some fantastic designs for men, women and children to keep you looking fashionable as we head in to those winter months of the virus.

You can shop of the face mask designs for Happy Mask over at


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