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The Açai Girls expands delivery across London

The Açaí Girls is a new healthy plant-based food delivery service in West London offering a menu that celebrates wholesome and delicious food that caters for all dietary requirements.

Founded by two sisters, Megan and Georgia Salamat, both under 30, The Açaí Girls was born out of a love for food and culture, inspired by the locations the two sisters have visited, and wanting to cherish those memories through food.

Born out of lockdown, The Açaí Girls has proven extremely popular and are now about to expand their reach by opening a second dark kitchen in Battersea.

Launching on the 18th January, the new kitchen allows more people to enjoy healthy and plant-based dishes all day. Focusing on the happy as well as the healthy, every food option on the menu is bursting with carefully curated micro-nutritional benefits.

Available exclusively on Deliveroo, hungry Londoners can expect açaí bowls, salads, juices and shakes, all of which are priced under £10. Their açaí bowls are made with pure açaí berries; no-nonsense, no fillers - just pure goodness.


With Veganuary naturally a strong focus this month, the girls have launched some new dishes to highlight that being vegan doesn’t mean eating bland and tasteless dishes. Expect comforting vegan dishes packed with goodness to start the year:

  • Rainbow Nachos £8.50 - Baked Corn Tortilla Chips topped with homemade chunky Salsa, Sweet and Spicy Black Beans, Spicy Guacamole, Pink Pickled Onions, Homemade Vegan Cheese Sauce and Red Jalapeños.

  • Cacao, Hazelnut and Banana Pancakes £9 - Pancakes topped with a Cacao and Hazelnut Spread, Caramelised Bananas served with a side of dairy free Coconut Yogurt

  • Açaí Girls Golden Mylk £3.75 - Oat Milk gently spiced with Turmeric & Cinnamon with a hint of Nutmeg, Vanilla and Maple. Served cold, but also delicious to warm at home. Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and is incredible for gut health.

At Home Kits

Home cooking kits have taken the UK by storm thanks to lockdown, and The Açaí Girls’ most popular item on the menu - their Vegan Oreo Chocolate Brownie - is now available to make at home. For £20, the kit includes all the correct measurements of ingredients, recipe instructions and also a step by step video where Georgia and Megan guide bakers through the process. A gorgeous recipe to get you through lockdown and make veganuary more fun.

Sisters Megan and Georgia Salamat both share a love of food. Megan, 28, previously led F&B Marketing at Mondrian London. Georgia, 26, has recently graduated from world-renowned culinary school Le Cordon Bleu.

Speaking to co-founder, Megan about her brand she told us: “The menu is a celebration of all the fresh, delicious, local food inspired by our travels around the world. No matter where we went, food was the universal language that brought people together and the dishes on our menu takes us back to those happy places and little pieces of paradise. We’re super excited to be sharing our journey with others and couldn’t be happier to see The Açaí Girls open a new kitchen in the space of six months.”


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