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HejHej - The Recycled Yoga Mats

Many of us use yoga mats for a number of different reasons, whether you use them to actually do yoga or whilst exercising in the local park we've all got one. HejHej Mats are the new brand on the block bringing an ethically conscious appeal to the market with their Sustainable and recycled Yoga Mats.

HejHej mats are made in Germany from recycled material, the brand boasts a closed loop production process as the mat itself is also recyclable completing the circuit. meaning nothing goes to waste and wont end up harming the planet. 'The hejhej-mat is the first sustainable yoga mat whose entire product life is designed in an ecological and fair way. So not only the production process is considered, but also what happens when you can no longer use your hejhej'. The brand confirms.

Founders of hejhej Anna and Sophie, both passionate yogis, say they got the inspiration to create the worlds first sustainable yoga mat after visiting an art exhibition in Gothenburg, they say, 'In one artwork the Turkish female artist Pinar Yoldas accused yoga practitioners of acting hypocritically. Since they often think they are acting very sustainably, but then they do not think about their yoga mat'. This was the moment the two entrepreneurs decided they would work together and ever since they've been working on bringing the world it's first sustainable yoga mat.

Now with a brand like this they could keep it at the one product and develop it in different colours ect, but it doesn't look like the co-founders are stopping there. They want to create more sustainable yoga equipment which will help reduce the amount of waste on earth whilst helping to promotion the conscious side of things.

In 2019 the pair won the “Entrepreneur of the month” award from the Swedish brand OATLY.

You can get yourself one of the world first sustainable yoga mates from just €129.00 over at

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