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Helping Improve Emotional Well-Being Through COVID-19 With the Power of Journaling

In these changing times, people are looking more and more for ways to focus on self-care. Noelle is celebrating 9 years of sobriety and found the healing powers of journaling during challenging times.

We live in a culture where productivity is such a priority but it comes at the expense of our own well being. We have learned this the hard way. The mental health issues in this country have continued to increase (especially in teens and young adults) and addiction is at an all-time high. The Day By Daybook provides a simple system that helps individuals become more aware of what they can do to improve their emotional well-being while still achieving their goals. She offers three versions of the Day by Day book, one for those in recovery, one for teens, and a classic version for those who are struggling with any sort of change or adversity such as healthcare workers fighting COVID-19 on the frontlines.


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