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Hepple Gin - 45% Abv.

Hepple gin is a High Fidelity gin, 'where the juniper is as lively in the glass as it is in a moorland breeze'. The brand boast a triple technique they use to make the gin, starting with a copper pot for smoothness, a glass vacuum still to keep the freshness and finally the 'supercritical' extraction for depth if flavour.

Taste: 3.8/5 On opening you could instantly smell the gin, a strong apple and juniper fragrance. The taste wasn't as strong but its definitely a strong taste. hints of citrus accompany the juniper flavours well. Gives you a warm feeling.

Bottle Design: 3/5 The bottle for Hepple gin is a very plan and simplistic bottle. The unique features of this bottle is the wide next and large cork, which do bring some attention to the bottle.

Label Design: 4/5 The design of the label is what attracts you to this bottle straight away. Its bring its bold its going to get attention on the shelf. The label gives you that natural feeling, with the juniper berries making an appearance on the bottle, there is a lot going on but its done very well. Its not an eye sore, An earthy design boasting the roots of gin.

Value for money: 4.5/5 I think this gin is price about right at £38.00, I would have said anywhere between £35.00-£40.00 for the 700ml bottle. its what I would expect to pay for a bottle and brand like this.

Overall: 3.82 / 5

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