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Hinton Magazine Awards 2021

The awards return after a successful inaugural awards in 2020. Today (7th May 2021) Hinton Magazine has officially confirmed the return of the 'Hinton Magazine Awards'. The Awards launched in 2020 were created to honour those who go that extra mile in their respective industries. Many of the 2020 awards recognised brands and people who have made major impacts in their industry in what can only be described as an unprecidented 12 months. And now the awards are back to honour even more people then ever before!

The vitual awards show is set to take place in September 2021 with a private viewing for nominees and a select few taking place on Thurday 9th September, with the show being released to the public on Sunday 12th Septmeber. This years awards see's 9 new awards added from last years awards meaning we whill be honouring 18 brands / people from the fashion, health, lifestyle, culture, food & Drink & Beauty industires.

This years awards differ from the 2020 awards in a few different areas, including but not limited to; Nominations - We are accepting nominations for many of our awards this year. This give brands who may have gone under the radar to be awarded where they deserve to be. The awards show - Last years show was a compilation of the award winners, whereas this years awards will have a host and will announce the winners for the first time during the show. Viewing the show - Last years show was released on YouTube for everyone to watch. This years show will see a inimate audience of around 100 people view the awards on September 9th 2021 and then released for public viewing on September 12th 2021.

The Hinton Magazine Awards 2021 are sponsored by East Village,Ruby Rocks, Vivvant,Studio A & book 'The Older Woman'

As mentioned this years awards include 18 categories;

Stylish Man of The Year

Stylish Woman of The Year

Fashion Brand of The Year

Start Up Brand of The Year

Bespoke Tailor of The Year

Beauty Brand of The Year

Skincare Brand of The Year

Wellness Centre of The Year

Hinton's Health Award

Restaurant of The Year

Bar of The Year

Hotel Of The Year

Chef of the year

Bar Man / Woman of The Year


Journalist of The Year

Inspiration of the year

Special Recognition award 2021

We are accepting nominations for most categories but not all. To see the full list of the categories we are accepting nominations for and to nominate someone / a brand head over the The Hinton Magazine Awards 2021


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