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HM Christmas Guide to Top Tech

As the festive lights shimmer and the aroma of spiced cookies fills the air, the holiday season beckons with its age-old traditions. But in an era where technology holds sway, merging tradition with innovation brings a new kind of festive thrill. Whether you're captivated by the latest gadgets, keen to elevate your home's tech game, or searching for the perfect electronic gift, HM has curated the ultimate guide for you. Dive into our "HM Christmas Guide to Top Tech" and discover the cutting-edge innovations that are set to make this holiday season truly unforgettable. From sleek wearables to smart home devices and ground-breaking entertainment systems, gear up to unwrap the future and celebrate Christmas in the most tech-savvy way. Welcome to the festive frontier of tomorrow!

couple on a laptop


Focal Bathys Dune headphones

Haute couture comes to headphones in the sumptuous shape of Focal Bathys Dune, from French audio specialist, Focal. These luxury wireless headphones can be tailored to your hearing, so you enjoy their acclaimed comfort and audio quality even more. Crafted from fine materials, including leather and magnesium, and with matching carry case and cables, Focal Bathys Dune is a clear cut above an ordinary pair of headphones.

The new Dune finish and sound tuning – based on the Mimi hearing test – join an award-winning combination of performance and design. Benefiting from Focal’s 40+ years expertise, Bathys delivers a pure sound either wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired if you prefer – when you can enjoy true high-resolution audio.

The headphones’ exceptional sound is enhanced by perfect soundproofing: the noise-cancelling technology includes an optimised ‘Silent’ mode for journeys in noisy environments (planes, trains, etc.) and a ‘Soft’ mode to help users concentrate at home. There is no shortage of other features, either: voice assistants, adjustable EQ, 30-hour battery life (5 extra hours available in 15 minutes thanks to its fast charging function), and much more.

Not a fan of sand? Focal Bathys is also available in a Black Silver colourway.

£699 Available at John Lewis, Selfridges


Marshall Middleton Bluetooth speaker

The latest portable Bluetooth speaker from iconic music brand, Marshall. Available in Cream and Black, the Middleton combines the brand’s signature rocker sound with its retro rock ‘n’ roll sound to form a powerful portable speaker which will keep the music playing from day to night, thanks to 20+ hours of playtime. Doubling up as a portable charger, it will keep your phone topped up with juice, too.

£269.99 Available at Marshall Headphones, John Lewis


Loewe klang S3 smart radio

One for the nostalgia heads out there! If you still love listening to your old CD’s and pouring over the booklets but want a speaker with more modern listening capabilities, look no further than the latest release from renowned luxury TV and audio brand, Loewe.

Loewe’s klang s3 offers a versatile listening experience with DAB/DAB+ radio, Bluetooth connectivity and streaming options. A large digital display means it’s also intuitive and easy to use. With a slim silhouette and an aluminium housing which embodies luxury design, the klang s3 fits seamlessly into living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms this Christmas.

The klang s3 is available in a Basalt and a Light grey.

£719 Available at


Marshall Willen

Enjoy Marshall’s signature rock ‘n’ roll sound for under £100 thanks to the Willen speaker. A mighty portable pocket-sized speaker made to go everywhere with you, thanks to a 15+ hours of portable playtime on a single charge. In addition, the little marvel comes with a top-of-class IP67 dust- and water-resistance rating so it’s always ready for the road. The perfect stocking filler for the music lover in your life.

£99.99 Available at,


SanDisk Professional PRO-G40 SSD

Whether for a business professional or creative pro, the PRO-G40 SSD is a simple, flexible solution that offers great efficiency to get the job done. Professionals who are ingesting, editing, rendering, and transferring large amounts of mission-critical content need portable storage that is powerful enough to eliminate unnecessary downtime, and durable enough to handle heavy usage. The PRO-G40 SSD offers extreme speed and durability for real-time editing 4K/8K straight off the drive, smooth AR/VR rendering, or transferring daily workloads quickly.

From £297.99 Available at Amazon


Smeg Personal Blender

Smeg’s all-new personal blender is a mini marvel for the fitness fanatic. A compact and convenient way to whip up shakes, smoothies, soups and juices, it’s the ideal gadget for those on the go. Keeping a greener future in mind, the blender’s two bottles have also been made from Tritan Renew, offering 50% certified recycled content.

£109.99 Available at Smeg UK


Smeg Manual Espresso Machine

Smeg’s all-new Manual Espresso Coffee Machine makes the ideal treat for coffee connoisseurs. The exciting new gadget offers the ability to grind coffee beans, create two espressos at once, froth milk to perfection and create a full coffee menu, turning any kitchen into your own personal coffee shop. The curvaceous, retro finish remains true to Smeg’s unique Italian heritage, while the high-performing specs are fully 21st Century.

£849.95 Available at Smeg UK


Nanoleaf 4D

A game-changing gift for families of TV addicts, movie buffs, sports fans, and console gamers. Nanoleaf 4D uses cutting-edge camera technology to mirror the colours of whatever you’re watching on screen and project them on the back wall behind your set. The stunning and immersive setup can be easily retrofitted to any TV and even synchronised with other Nanoleaf smart lights and panels to offer an illuminating viewing experience like no other.

From £89.99, Available at Nanoleaf


HONOR Earbuds X5

Presenting the epitome of audio excellence, these lightweight and snug-fit earphones are meticulously designed to provide a stable and comfortable experience for users. Engineered with ergonomic precision, they gently cradle the ears, adding a touch of charm to every moment. The exceptional 13.4mm large diaphragm ensures a finely tuned audio experience, presenting a delicate and rich sound profile that is nothing short of phenomenal. The noise reduction feature takes communication to new heights by blocking external disturbances during calls, allowing users to connect with clarity, whether seeking to engage with the world or bask in tranquility. With an impressive 27-hour battery life, these earphones boast a combination of a large-capacity battery and a low-power consumption solution, ensuring extended audio playback for a prolonged experience. Adding to their appeal, users can effortlessly locate the earphones during Bluetooth connection, providing peace of mind and control at their fingertips. Elevate your auditory journey with a product that harmonizes comfort, clarity, and convenience in the third person's perspective.

From £39.99, Available at HONOR

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