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Holiday Wellness Gift Guide

Zerowater 12 Cup, 2.8l Ready-Read Jug, £44.99 from Zerowater

Ensure your family has access to pure, filtered water with this 12 Cup Ready-Read Water Filtration Jug. It features a built-in TDS meter that provides instant water quality readings. The 5-stage filtration system removes dissolved solids from tap water, giving you the purest and tastiest water. Stay hydrated and healthy during the festive season.


365 Day Positive Affirmations Pad, £10.99 from Ginger Fox

Start each day with a positive mindset using this 365-day positivity desk pad. It's a charming addition to any workspace, promoting relaxation and inspiration. Brighten your surroundings and cultivate a positive outlook on life.


Calming Kit, £20 from Kikkerland

Gift the ultimate relaxation package. This tin includes wooden stress balls, a cotton eye mask with aromatherapy, reusable earplugs, and a breathing straw. Create a tranquil oasis to escape the holiday rush and find inner peace.


Perfect Porridge Mug, £10.99 from Ginger Fox

Make your mornings stress-free with the Perfect Porridge mug from Ginger Fox. This unique mug comes with instructions to ensure you never get your porridge ratios wrong again. It's a thoughtful gift for food lovers who appreciate a healthy start to the day.


Mini Ikebana Kit, £21 from Kikkerland

Discover the art of Japanese flower arrangement with this Mini Ikebana Kit. Create your first beautiful floral arrangement and find serenity in the process. Ikebana is a mindful and creative way to connect with nature and your surroundings.


Gentleman's Beard Tin, £15 from Kikkerland

Help the bearded gentlemen in your life keep their facial hair well-groomed. This tin contains essential beard care items, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for those with a beard.


Zerowater 6 Cup, 1.4l Jug, £24.99 from Zerowater

For those with compact refrigerators or smaller households, the Zerowater 6 Cup Water Filtration Pitcher is an ideal choice. It features a non-slip grip handle and a 5-stage filter to provide you with clean, TDS-free drinking water. A free Water Quality Meter ensures top-notch filtration.


Fox Manicure Set, £16 from Kikkerland

Help your loved ones keep their nails in top shape with this Fox Manicure Set. It's a cute and practical gift for anyone who enjoys a well-groomed appearance.


Whale Exfoliator, £13 from Kikkerland

Pamper your skin with this Whale Exfoliator. Its unique design makes exfoliating a fun and enjoyable experience, perfect for adding a touch of self-care to your daily routine.


Dino Nail Brush, £11 from Kikkerland

Make nail cleaning a breeze with this adorable Dino Nail Brush. It's a handy tool that adds a bit of whimsy to your hygiene routine.


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