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HM Visits: Holy Carrot

Afternoon tea and London go hand in hand, being 'iconically' British, what better place to enjoy a spot of afternoon tea than ion the capital? But with so many places offering it up at different prices, it's hard to separate the best from the average and then of course the worst the capital has to offer.

Mayfair based establishment, Holy Carrot is certainly a afternoon tea spot you should be checking out, and its all vegan! Based less than a 10 minute walk from Knightsbridge underground station the planet based restaurant have recently launched new and exclusive their new afternoon tea in 'Special Collaboration' with Amelia Windsor. Launched on November 3rd, Holy Carrot head chef Elena Savchuck has taken 'inspiration from the classic British afternoon tea, with added touches from Amelia to create a fun and unique twist to the men', the restaurant told us.

Holy Carrot invited us along to see what the fuss was all about with their new afternoon tea. Priced at £40.00 per person (or £50.00 with a glass of Piper-Heidsieck Essentiel Extra Brut champagne or a vodka gimlet) You certainly wont be left hungry with what's on offer. Like all traditional afternoon tea's, this one features Sweet & Savoury dishes. The savoury treats featured; Smoked “Salmon” Carrot Sandwich Cucumber & Cream Cheese, Purple Potato Croquette Crostini with “Crab” Salad, Lemon Miso Aioli & Raw Avocado on Toast with Radish. The sweet treats includes; Choco Cheesecake Lollipop, Mini Lemon Tart, Vegan Italian Meringue, Mini Vanilla & Raspberry Tart, Miso Caramel Trifle, Graffiti Bonbons Snickers & Passion Fruit & Scones Vanilla Sour Cream & Cherry Jelly. All plant-based and full of incredible flavour, The menu offered a lot more than we were expecting but certainly one which give you a chance to experience so many flavours.

Based in Urban Retreats, Mayfair, Holy Carrot boasts elegance, a light atmosphere with a spring feel to the décor, certainly making you forget about those cold winter days outside.

Hinton Highly recommended! This is without a doubt an establishment you should be heading to, to try their plant-based afternoon teas. Even if you don't have a plant-based diet you won't be disappointed. Full of so many different flavours it certainly worth every penny!

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