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Hope Became the Enemy: Entertaining & disturbing - when living the dream becomes a living nightmare

Living in Turkey, Josie not only falls in love with her newly adopted country but also the charismatic Bechir. When finally married, Josie gets to ‘meet’ her real husband – a malignant narcissist who indulges in domestic abuse. Trapped in a cycle of abuse, apology, and forgiveness, she knows she must leave. But how?

In her novel Hope became the Enemy Julie Hammond brings the reader up close and personal with the subjects of narcissism and domestic abuse.

However, despite its sombre and disturbing themes, this is far from a dark read. The author’s clever weaving in of all those moments that make falling in love so special – the adventure, fun and romance – has resulted in an easy flowing, entertaining and enjoyable read. And Julie Hammond’s own experiences of having lived and taught in Turkey add extra texture and depth to her storytelling.

Keen to set the record straight that domestic abuse is not a club solely for the weak and helpless, Julie Hammond should be applauded for tackling the issue and writing a book that leaves the reader empathetic to those who find themselves in such circumstances.


Hope Became The Enemy is the story of a young independent English woman, Josie. Looking for excitement and adventure, Josie decides on a career change and moves to Turkey to teach English. As she slowly falls in love with her new life, she takes the reader on an exciting journey across Turkey, and through her eyes they learn about the cultures and traditions of this exotic country. Josie quickly finds that living in a patriarchal country is very different to the life she knew in the west.

By chance, while she is on holiday with friends on the west coast, she meets the tall, charismatic Bechir. Their relationship is rocky and has its ups and downs but a couple of years later, she accepts a proposal of marriage and soon falls pregnant with their first child. She settles down to live happily ever after with the man that she loves.

All too late she discovers that she is married to a malignant narcissist and is isolated from friends and family. Trapped in a cycle of abuse, apology, and forgiveness, she knows she must leave. But how?

The author says:

“One of my favourite authors is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and a couple of years ago I listened to her TED talk ‘The Danger of a Single Story’ and realised how often single stories affect the way in which we think about places, groups of people and situations. When a woman says that she is or has been a victim of domestic abuse people immediately conjure up a picture of her in their mind.”

Published by Cranthorpe Millner Publishers, Hope Became the Enemy is published on 26th April 2022 and is available in paperback (£8.99) and Kindle format on Amazon. It is also available to purchase on the publisher’s website at Cranthorpe Millner. Available also at: Waterstones Foyles WHSmith

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