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Introducing Tron, the pop-up disposable potty, made from cardboard, bio-degradable and your most treasured travelling companion this summer. 

With the recent pandemic wreaking havoc on even the best laid holiday plans, it is more than likely that most of us Brits will be heading for UK beaches in July rather than to the usual European hotspots. 

The good news is that you can travel by car and will only be limited by the size of your boot, rather than the ever-changing baggage restrictions imposed by the popular airlines.Social distancing can be managed to a certain extent.  A tupperware box of snacks and sandwiches will negate the need to go into a motorway service station and you can fill the car up to the brim with fuel before you go. But if you’re travelling with under 5s in tow, a loo stop (or two, or three) is an inevitability for which you will need to be prepared.  

For most parents, public loos will be out of the question this summer and indeed many will be closed anyway.  So, what’s the alternative?

Tron is a pop-up disposable potty will be your most treasured travelling companion this year.   Prior to use, Tron will fit discreetly into the deepest recesses of your handbag.  Yet when you pop it up (which takes seconds), Tron is sturdy enough to take weights of up to 30kgs.   Once it’s been used, simply fold it up and put it in the bin.  And no need to worry about your carbon footprint either.  Every element of Tron is 100% biodegradable.

Tron is available in either singles, triples or in 12 packs. 

More hot tips for holiday hotspots from #helpfulhippychick

  • A Hippychick award-winning waterproof sheet is a must for a day out on the beach.  It means you can sit on the shoreline while your toddler is paddling without getting your bum wet. 

  • Move over buckets and spades, (you’re so last year) and cue Dena – the latest, hottest toy just made for sand.  Made from flexible silicone, Dena will enable your toddler to throw the coolest shapes on the beach this summer. 

  • A memory foam Hippychick Travel Pillow which rolls up to fit into your beach bag will provide a comfortable support for your back on a shingle beach (of which there are 6,000 in the UK – be warned!), and it boasts a waterproof cover, too.

  • A Hippychick Hipseat baby carrier, a comfy back supporting belt which wraps around your waist and has an inbuilt perch on which a toddler can rest her weary legs, will go where the buggy can’t.  Don’t leave home without one. 

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