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How to stay looking good during lockdown

Written by Dr Pradnya Apte

So there are millions of you out there that cannot wait for the end of lockdown as we know it. I know that since the end of last week my Clinics in both London and Exeter have been inundated with requests from patients seeking to have their faces ‘tweaked’ with botox or some form of dermal filler. Why is this do we think? That people have a fear that their faces are going to fall off or indeed fall apart because they have not seen their Aesthetic doctor for a few months?

I experienced the whole ‘oh no, lockdown is imminent so I really need to see you before I am not allowed to come to your Clinic.’ I had a huge flurry of patients attending just before Boris Johnson shut the doors of every business on the 23 rd March - a day many will never forget! Such was the demand for a ‘ tweakment’ that I was working until 9pm instead of 5pm which is when I normally finish for the day in my clinic. Really? I thought to myself, who is going to look whilst we are all squirrelled away in our homes? One particular patient said to me ‘I hope you understand that I need to look good in lockdown!’ – who am I to argue what is and what isn’t important to each and everyone of us?

So OK, we are all in lockdown and no you cannot get your favourite facial or ‘tweakment’ so what’s a girl gotta do to stay looking good whilst at home and staying safe! My philosophy on this is skin prep. Now is actually a great time to get your skin ready for when all the lovely clinics open again. Now is the time to spend a decent amount of time looking in the mirror and seeing how you can transform

your skin with a few simple tricks. So here are my recommendations . . .

In the morning when we are looking bleary eyed from our delicious sleep, I use a chilled facial roller. I find that this really not only wakes up my skin, but me too! Using the roller especially under the eyes and moving the roller from inner to outer eye is a sure way to improve lymphatic drainage which helps those that suffer from eye bags. I find that using some gadgets for home use can be perfect for firming and tightening the skin, my favourite being the NEWA radiofrequency machine. This is perfect for lifting the cheeks and tightening the jawline and I find it reassuring that something is being done to prevent jowls and sagging £349, Within a few weeks of use three times per week, I did notice my skin starting to glow as if I had just stepped out of my own clinic after an Endymed treatment, which is the clinic treatment for skin tightening radio-frequency. Another home based device I can recommend is a LED gadget from Deesse . This is amazing for calming rosacea, acne and helps with skin rejuvenation using different lights. (£1200 Harpar Grace, )

To get the real five star treatment for your skin then look to specialist skincare. At least once a week, I definitely can recommend the Ageless Resurfacing Mask (IMAGE Skincare) and Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Mask (IMAGE Skincare)( .) They are like the superheroes for glowing radiant skin with application of the masks in a layered way allowing the glycolic acid from the

Ageless range target the debris and dead skin cells allowing them to resurface and then the Vital C masque that chews away all the deal cells and it allows your skin to have that serious glow factor! Armed with my mask from IMAGE, the Purifying Probiotic masque has been a real winner for me. Used twice a week, I have seen my skin look brighter and more ‘clean’ – that is the only way I can describe it! So that’s the regular ‘at home’ facials that I can certainly recommend which is something I routinely do. (

Moving on from home use devices and facials, keeping skin looking good is all about getting enough rest too. The old but true adage ‘beauty sleep’ is so true! Resting our bodies and minds is so important and I am a firm believer in how you are inside is reflected on the outside!! Sleep allows our skin cells to renew and be replenished and using skincare at night is so important as it works even better! For a night time routine, I recommend preventative skincare followed by restoring skincare. If for example you have a pigmentation issue, try ISClinical Brightening Serum ( then use targeted skincare for that, followed then by retinol, the rocket fuel for antiaging. Use retinol sparingly, one of my favourites is MD IMAGE Restoring Overnight Retinol Masque with a couple of drops of MD IMAGE Retinol Booster mixed in for the ultimate beauty sleep! My latest wow product is Wrinkle Smoothing from the MAX Range also from IMAGE Skincare which works a bit like botox, so this is the next best thing to have until I can have my Botox treatment ( ! Being in my late 40’s I have to say I have seen changes in my forehead lines which have relaxed since I have been using this serum for the last couple of weeks.

Needless to say, drinking lots of water always helps and since lockdown I have noticed that I am drinking more of this naturally wonderful stuff and my skin looks more dewy and plump! Time spent in lockdown looking after our bodies and minds is so important as in our busy lives we do not take time to listen to our inner selves. Listening to our inner selves makes us happy again and teamed with

some self care, I can guarantee that we will emerge from this ‘lockdown chrysalis’ looking fabulous, glowing and healthy!

You can see all of the treatments Dr Pradnya Apte offer over at her website or you can check her out on social media


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